Saturday, April 26, 2014

B/X D&D Month XXVI: Three New Swords

The Sword of Truth
   This +1 blade is usually a longword, shortsword or other straight blade (never a cutlass or scimitar). When held the blade compels the owner to speak only the truth about matters (though this is truth as he/she sees it). Moreover, anyone struck by the blade who takes damage must make a save vs. spells or also find themselves compelled to answer truthfully any three questions asked of them for the next 30 minutes.

The Elemental Blade
   A +2 scimitar, this blade is a wicked curved weapon that reflects a sheen of rainbow colors in slick patterns which run in scintillating colors up and down the blade. When held the weapon can invoke the properties of any one element, with different effects as follows. Each effect can be invoked once per day:
Earth - any creature struck by the weapon must save vs. petrification or suffer as if struck by flesh to stone.
Air - the wielder of the weapon may fly for one hour.
Fire - the weapon spits out a 5D6 damage fireball in a chosen direction as the spell.
Water - the wielder of the weapon gains water breathing for one hour.

The Gunblade
   This sophisticated looking broadsword +1 appears to have an unusual set of notching, grooving and a tunnel-bored hollow running along the length of the blade and leading to the hilt which serves as both ordinary hilt and guard as well as the hand grip of a matchlock pistol. The "blade" strikes as a broadsword but also fires a single shot powered by elemental fire (so no need to reload, assuming gunpowder has even been invented!) down the barrel along the blade. The weapon can fire 6 times before it needs to be recharged, which takes an hour; the weapon can be fired at distance as a normal ranged weapon, or as part of an attack that strikes and deals normal damage (provided it was a stabbing attack).

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