Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Tales from the League Universe VII: The Between (Cypher System)

 A creepy example of my tendency to inject cosmic horror anywhere I can:


Other Dimensional Alien (Alien Being) – Level 6

Motive: Conquer the Macroverse

Environment: Currently in the Microverse seeking escape

Health: 30

Damage Inflicted: 6 damage, and target must make a Level 6 Intellect Defense roll or begin to unravel (-1 step penalty to all actions, cumulative)

Armor: none

Movement: short

Modifications: Intellect defense at level 7

Powers: Between can teleport any distance at will as an action by “ripping” a hole in microspace. He can form a whole like this beneath or in front of a moving target which must make a level 5 Speed defense to avoid passing through the hole.

Fractal Minions of the Between: (Level 5; Health 15; Damage 5 plus unravelling effect, Might Defense Level 5 to avoid or cumulative -1 step penalty to all actions)

Between appears as a black statue that can disappear at odd angles; he feels like a black-blotted fractal in the shape of a rough humanoid. His minions appear in various forms, usually like tripod-shapped, three armed and three legged monsters with heads on the bottom and top of their black, fractal bodies.

Between wants nothing less than domination of the Macroverse. He has escaped a dying universe in a neighboring realm into the Microverse, but his powers are not fully realized in the Quantum realm….his ability to destabilize macroscale matter is much more powerful in the macroworld.  He cannot be reasoned with, outside of providing aid in his intent to escape to the Macroverse.

NEXT: Eschaton Plot, Part II

Monday, January 30, 2023

Paranormal Power Kickstarter (Level Up and 5E) - Check it out!

 It's closing on 3 days to go, but if you (like me) have recently become a convert of the Level Up! Advanced 5E game system, you may find Paranormal Power well worth a look:

Tales from the League Universe VI: Quark (Cypher System)

 Quark is my tribute to DC's Atom and Marvel's Hank Pym:

Dr. William Holst (formerly Quark)

Human (technologically enhanced) – Level 5

Motive: Study and understand how the Quantum Realm, the Interstitial Realms and the Hyperverse connect

Environment: The halls of academia or the wonders of the microverse

Health: 30

Damage Inflicted: 5 points (charge ray gun)

Armor: 1 (armored Quark suit)

Movement: short; flying long (in Microship)

Modifications: Intellect Based Defense and Skills at Level 8; Gadgetry at Level 7 (repair, make)

Powers: Holst’s powers come from his ships and his suits. The ships are what allow for transition from macroscale to quantum scale, and they pass through the Interstitial Layer to make this happen; the vessel can move in other directions in The Bleed….theoretically.

Quantum Microship: Level 7 artifact, this vessel allows for transition into other dimensions. Can carry a total of 7 people. Necessary to enter (or escape) these dimensions.

Quantum Coagulator: a healing device that can mend the unraveling effect of Between and his goons.

Holst would love to help, but he needs to escape the clutches of Between and his foreign dimensional invaders. Once freed, he can aid them in repairing his Microship and taking them to the Devil’s Graveyard.

Between has seized control of a city called Atheria on the microverse world called Nethanor. The green-skinned natives are surprisingly human but only wield swords and primitive weapons and armor. Their Queen, Laetha, has also been taken by Between who presents himself as a God.

Once freed, Holst can aid the PCs but in order to find Legend and/or the others in the Bleed he needs three coordinates. As it happens, the residual radiation from the Bleed at the locations of the other abductions can triangulate a location….and that location is within the Devil’s Graveyard.

NEXT: The Between!

Friday, January 27, 2023

The Wizards Capitulate

 Well based on this message from WotC (here), it looks like a near total capitulation to the RPG community to keep the OGL 1.0a in place, put the SRD 5.1 in the creative commons, and clean up the rest in a manner that is less disastrous.

Smart move....now I wonder if they will instead move toward a carrot rather than a stick model of getting the third party publishing industry to participate in what D&D wants for the future...because I am sure there are still plans to make One D&D a primarily digital online subscription based product, they're just relenting for now on trying to control the rest of the market. 

Tales from the League Universe V: The Demon (Cypher System)

 The Demon was one of the originals from Crossover Earth. When Ken St. Andre started it I ran my own version of the 80's Hobgoblin. Ken's CE was a play-by-mail of dueling stories based on known heroes, we each picked a hero and a villain and send in monthly reports of nefarious or good deeds, and would compete with story outlines against other players for who got to carry the narrative forward. When Ken handed it over to me I moved some characters toward more original takes, and Hobgoblin became The Demon. Decades later the Demon got to make a new appearance:

The Demon (alias Devon Sloane)

Superhuman (Bioenhanced/Tech Origin) – Level 6 (18)

Motive: Get rich, work the arms market, get revenge for the death of his uncle, the original Demon

Environment: Wherever there is wealth for the taking

Health: 60

Damage Inflicted: 6 points, by cypher, or gauntlet claws 12 points

Armor: 3 (armored costume)

Movement: short; flying long (with Demon Wing)

Modifications: 3 Shifts Strength-Might based defense and tasks at Level 9; 2 Shifts Attack (gauntlet claws) at +6 damage

Powers: Super strength, speed, gear (suit, demon wing and grenade shooting gauntlets).

The Demon has enhanced strength from the Metahuman Soldier formula after undergoing the treatment in the government Super Soldier program. Devon was discharged from the military after his body rejected much of the supersoldier treatment, leaving him with debilitating deformities that some likened to a “demonic mask.” It was with some irony following his discharge that Devon realized he was following in his uncle Jack Sloane’s footsteps….literally….he took to visiting his uncle in prison. Jack Sloane was himself still in peak physical condition thanks to his stolen supersoldier formula which he had used on himself decades ago, but he was crippled from the takedown in 2006 when the League finally apprehended him and would never walk again. During these visits, before Sloane mysteriously died, he left key information to his nephew about the location of his hidden base.

Devon took his uncle’s secret information and found the Demon’s old base. He uncovered the original gear of his relative, and after finding the last copies of the Demon Serum he decided to ditch the treatments provided by the military and injected his uncle’s formula into himself. The formula didn’t fix his gruesome, demonic appearance but it dramatically enhanced his strength and speed, at the cost of his remaining sanity. Now enhanced and geared up, he works in illegal metahuman drugs and arms trades.

The Demon makes a good low to mid level thug for a superhero game. He's not the end boss....he's the guy the end boss hires to do the dirty work. For most mission the Demon relies on his gang of personal thugs, who often wear demonic halloween masks and brandish assault rifles. A typical demon thug is a Level 4 or 5 ex-soldier or ex-con, usually hooked up on one of the synthetic chemical mixes that The Demon brews specifically to force loyalty and remove any sense of self-preservation instinct.

The Demon Suit (Level 1D6+2): this armored (3 points) suit is flexible and considered medium armor by weight. It's got a short cape, a demonic mask, and includes a respirator to resist toxins as well as breathe underwater. (Artifact, Depletes on 1 in 100)


The Demon Wing (Level 1D6+2): this monstrous jet-fueled air glider is a rocket waiting to explode. The original design was a black ops device designed for one-man insertions into hostile territory, but the small one-man glider wing is now a backpack-equipped set of vile looking metallic demon wings which allow for some mobility in flight. The wearer can move in a straight line a long distance and can make one positional change for the next round after that move. If a PC gets a lucky shot on the wearer of the Demon Wing then on a 19 as a special effect the wing can lose control; on a 20 the engine explodes, dealing it's level in damage. (Artifact, Depletes on 1 in 20)


Demon Grenades (Level variable): these are cyphers that the demon likes to use. They are usually Gas Bombs, Detonation (Pressure, Massive or Flash) and Poison (Explosive). He usually has a bandolier with at least 2 of each. (cypher, one use)

The Demon is employing a dozen thugs for the job, driving getaway SUVs to load the gear in to.

If the Demon is captured or somehow reasoned with he will relay what happened: Blackfire had him, when four insectoid “aliens” or something like that phased out of nowhere, nabbed him using some sort of light-emitting gem that burned away the shadow fire, then they pulled him in to “wherever.” Saving the Demon’s bacon. He’ll describe the aliens in pretty good detail….they sound like an old record from the League files of a creature from 1992 called the Hive, which were an undisclosed alien threat that was stopped by the American Agent, Lady Liberty and Arbalest after the League disbanded. According to the story, Arbalest is the only one still functioning…American Agent disappeared in Afghanistan in 2009 (reportedly KIA) and Lady Liberty retired in 1999, and no one knows her identity….so the log on what happened basically states the Hive was an extraterrestrial threat of unknown origin, which seemed to have supernatural speed powers and the ability to phase in and out of reality. Sounds like the suspects….

The Devil’s Graveyard Stage 1, The Microverse: finding this island is impossible, but Dr. Futurity explains that while the island exists outside of normal time and space, it can be reached via the Bleed, the Interstitial transition zone through which other dimensions can be reached. The best way to get there, according to Futurity, is through the technology of Dr. William Holst at the Advanced Theoretical Physics Institute (ATPI), which has a major site in San Francisco. Holst is a retired hero; he used to be the adventurer known as the Quark, and used his unique ability to shrink to subatomic dimensions to learn new physics; much of his science, Futurity explains, was dependent on tethering to the Interstitial realm of the Bleed, to allow for him to avoid quantum destabilization. Quark used a ship to get there…..a ship that could move through the Bleed.

Dr. Futurity’s disc can take them to the ATPI Building in Silicon Valley, but from there it is revealed that Holst has gone missing as well! However his assistance, Dr. Tanya Reddings, needs the PCs help to bring him back….she thinks his Quantum vessel may have stalled out. She is willing to send them in, using a retrieval ship with repair equipment, to bring Holst back.

Holst is indeed trapped in the Quantum Realm, but he’s been captured in the Microverse by an entity called Between. Between is part of a quantum species of beings from another dimension that literally slice through the quantum fuzz, and thrive on the probabilistic nature of our universe. They are deadly….they can unravel a living being to its component quarks with ease. Holst has deliberately sabotaged his ship while he stalls for time, as they try to force him to show them how to use the vessel to enter the macroverse.

NEXT: The Quark!

Thursday, January 26, 2023

Tales from the League Universe IV: Adam (Cypher System)

 And now for the League Universe's twisted reanimated anti-hero:

Adam – Level 6 Reanimated (see book)

Power Shifts are: +2 in fist attacks (+6 damage); +2 in Might Defense (total Defense 10); +1 in Speed Defense

Adam, known sometimes as Adam Wyrd, was allegedly a creation of Dr. Frankeinstein and has wandered the planet for two centuries now. He has been enhanced with cybernetic modifications to improve his strength, speed and thought.

Adam is not out to cause harm but will mistake the PCs for a threat initially, if it is feasible (mistaken hero battles FTW). Once (or if) communication starts he will explain that he was on track with shutting down a cell of Project Titan when he found that they had been staking out the office of Tachyon in Buffalo, at one of their listening posts. He found footage of a grab….the camera could not catch the images of her captors, for everything was moving at near superluminal speeds, but when it was over she was gone. He has with him a borrowed Paratime Sensor device from Project Tachyon which can trace the time dilated images of what happened…..and in so doing reveal four attackers, using her own speed power to corner her and pull her through some sort of portal, possibly into a realm known as The Bleed.

Downtown Chicago, rough Part of Town: Blackfire disappeared in a fight with The Demon. Dr. Futurity can teleport them to the location of the disappearance; cops have the area under tight investigation, but Detective Mary Caruthers is investigating and can trust the PCs if they behave right. She explains she’s worked with Black Lighting before, but The Demon is still on the loose. Strange radiation signatures are all anyone can discern.

Dr. Futurity can attune the disc to teleport them to within a quarter mile of The Demon. Right around that time The Demon attempts to hit an armored truck hauling illegal weapons for Keiretsu Cybertech, with intent to steal the weaponry.

NEXT: The Demon!

Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Tales from the League Universe III: The Eschaton Plot (Cypher System)

 Here's the outline of the base plot that kicked off the campaign:

Scenario: The Eschaton Plot

Doctor futurity has returned from a long absence to find the world is missing heroes. Since the League disbanded after the 1988 Event in New York, heroes have been on the decline. He has paired with Agent Alan Morn with the Metahuman Intelligence Agency (MIA) to track down why metahumans have been disappearing in recent years, particularly after the disappearance of the entire team known as the Agents of Steel, led by the infamous power house Talbot Steel, along with Tachyon (daughter of the original), Blackfire, Silver Fox and Legend.

The Agents of Steel:

Talbot Steel – Level 7 – strongest man alive, and oldest; an adventurer of the pulp era turned warrior of the future

Tachyon – Level 5 – alias Alana Kincaid, fastest woman alive, and inheritor of her mother’s speed genes.

Blackfire – level 6 – alias Albert Morgan, wields the power of the darkforce and was once a villain before breaking the mental grip of the Necromancer.

Silver Fox – Level 6 – cybernetic soldier and successor to the Silver Fox line, Alicia Fox uses the best Mystech industries has to offer to battle crime.

Legend – Level 7 – Claiming to be the disposed Immortal Soldier of Roman times, Legend fights to redeem an ages old curse. Goes by the name Chris Long. Uses a magic spear.

Last Seen:

Talbot Steel: he was last seen during a visit to the UN to make a speech for humanitarian aid to Burundi. He stopped to prepare off stage, and suddenly was gone; suspicion: captured by teleportation of some sort.

Tachyon: teaches in her alias at a local college in upstate New York. Disappeared while in her office, no evidence of a struggle. Area is saturated with evidence of tachyon particles.

Blackfire: was in the middle of a fight with The Demon (allegedly) when he disappeared. Finding the Demon can reveal that Blackfire was attacked by four insectoid things which teleported in and out with him just as quickly.

Silver Fox: on a mission in deep space with Project Xenon and Captain Leyland Dare to establish relations with the Centauri Flotilla at the edge of the solar system. She is somehow captured while on the Centauri diplomatic ship, leading to an incident when Dare assumes the Centauroids are responsible. The Centauroids claim it was the Wraiths, but only footage reveals four alien bugs teleporting her out.

Legend: so far not located, and whether he’s gone missing or is simply choosing not to be found is an uncertainty. His ex-wife, Abigail Long, claims he has traveled to the legendary Devil’s Graveyard. Futurity can send them there….


Dr. Futurity finds his new agents, his new “League,” in advance of the Operatives of Project Titan who are looking to capture new recruits. Of the ones gathered, one will be in the middle of an attempted capture….

An elite team of 5 soldiers and 1 elite soldier (Corporal Vance Hunter), the intent is to capture, not kill. One agent, Alicia Dawson, will try to approach the PC first and talk them in to surrender, explaining that Project Titan is an independent Peacekeeping Force intent on establishing World Order through parahuman means. If that fails…or when the allies arrive….the soldiers close in!

The rest of the recruits are, after the issue is resolved, teleported by Futurity to New York where they are suddenly inside the Halls of the Old League, now a historical site, and Futurity explains that they must discern the fate of the Agents of Steel. Futurity suspects one of the following, noting that wherever they are, they disappeared from the future timeline as well:

--Wraith Plot (the Wraiths are alien shapeshifters, known enemies of the League in the past and the Agents now)

--Project Titan has somehow spirited them away (unlikely; he has ways of seeing what they are up to)

--The forces of Chrome, an old enemy of Talbot Steel could have a hand in this

--An unknown (though the presence of the Centauri Flotilla raises alarm at the coincidence)

He suggests investigating each location. However, he also explains that he is limited in his ability to interfere; ever since the incident with the Cthonian Rising of New York in 1988 his ability to directly intercede in the world’s threats has been limited by pact with the Cthonians. He will, however, provide them with a small metal disc they can use to communicate with him and through which they can teleport to new locations.


Dr. Futurity’s Aportation Disc – Level 7

Can carry up to 7 individuals to any location they know, or at the direction of Dr. Futurity. Allows for radio-like communication via telepathy with Futurity at any distance on the planet, or in the neighboring Interstitial Dimensions.

Investigating Each Scene:

The UN Location: reveals the least information. Bathed in irradiating particles suggesting an emission of radiation, could be anything. May attract the attention of armed guards.

Buffalo, NY College: lots of residual tachyon particles, but there appears to be a strange interference pattern with the right sensors. Evidence of objects and locations on campus moving backward or forward in time at strange rates can be found. Another investigator, the monster named Adam, is also investigating (he was friends with Tachyon).

NEXT: Adam!

Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Tales from the League Universe II: Dr. Futurity (Cypher System)

 More League Stuff! Here's the infamous Dr. Futurity, name originally attributed to a friend from long ago in the campaign named Quentin Long, who I am sure was referencing the P.K.Dick story. I developed Futurity into my own vision of a mystical sorcerer supreme, with elements of the Phantom Stranger, Dr. Fate and Dr. Strange:

Doctor Futurity (known alias Devon Maxwell)

Superhuman (Arcane Origin) – Level 8 (24)

Motive: protect the world and the timeline, no matter the cost

Environment: Wherever trouble arises

Health: 80

Damage Inflicted: 8 points or 11 with ranged Onslaught attack

Armor: 1 or 4 (arcane armor)

Movement: short; flying long

Modifications: Arcane Powers at Level 10, Intellect Defense Rolls at level 10, +3 damage with Onslaught Attacks (ranged, 11 damage)

Powers: Doctor Futurity can call upon arcane sorcery to project illusions, manipulate time, create devastating force blasts, hover and fly, and teleport around the world. His power set includes:

Illusions – intellect defense roll level 10 to penetrate the illusion

Time Shift – Can project himself forward or backward in time; can project forward or backward in time up to 10 targets. This is a lengthy shift (not minutes, hours at minimum).

Teleport – Can apport himself and up to 9 others to any location in the world.

Ally: Alan Morn, MIA Operative (Secret Agent template for stats)                                 

Doctor Futurity is one of the premiere investigators and occult sorcerers in the world. He has worked with numerous organizations, though most famously the League in its various forms, and is said to have first appeared in the mid nineteenth century as an occult investigator, though his chronomantic time magic allows him to appear during any epoch of history.

Futurity is noted for his tendency toward a red/white/blue motif in his costuming, and his suits never appear the same twice. He is prone to changing his fashion over time to reflect the era in which he appears, but he always wears some form of mask and is otherwise unidentifiable; he has a persona when incognito that is a man of middle years with greying temples named Devon Maxwell, but this is also assumed to be a false image.

Futurity’s main purpose is the protection of the timeline from extra-dimensional occult threats, but his greatest challenge was the Cthonic invasion of New York in 1988, when he aided the League in stopping the mythos invasion. However, he paid a price; the cthonians left Earth alone, but he was forced to agree to a pact of limited interference going forward. Some think much of his power is focused on insuring the barriers in the Interstitial Dimension are kept strong to insure the cthonians do not return.

NEXT: The Eschaton Plot

Monday, January 23, 2023

Tales from the League Universe I: Timeline (Cypher System)

 Here's a supers campaign I ran a while back in Cypher System. It's a bit of a doozy, and has some hidden and very esoteric throwbacks to supers PBM campaigns I ran waaaay back in the 980's called Crossover Earth, so if you're ancient like me and were part of that in group some of this might sound vaguely familiar. I'll publish the full content starting this week over several posts, there's a lot of it!

The following kicks off roughly 15 posts, which collectively form the framework of a very open-framed campaign. Start here and then read each episodic entry to get the big picture:

The League Universe

Part I: Timeline

This world had a few major events in recent decades:

·        In 1986 The Liberty League fell apart when a gang of villains conspired to kill Captain Liberty; his sidekick became Arbalest, an assassin who hunted down many of the League's old villain roster and killed them before being captured.

·        In 1988 The League reformed to face a major threat, as dozens of heroes fought off an invasion of other-dimensional Cthonians, mythos-like monsters from beyond the stars who invaded New York. After this the world's most powerful occult hero Dr. Futurity went AWOL for many years, to appear only occasionally.

·        In 1992 The new Liberty League fought an invasion of other-dimensional "bug men" and won.

·        In 1995 heroes of Earth were kidnapped by galactic pirates and sold into slavery as gladiators, eventually winning their way free and impressing the Empress Theda of the Thiir Star Empire. They contacted the Star League, a coalition of worlds working against Thiir and other oppressors. Some of these heroes became secret envoys to the star League; word of this reveal was kept hidden, top secret.

·        In 1996 Dr. Richard Desorius discovers the secret to transgenic modification and accidentally splices his genes with a reptile, becoming Saurian. He is later recruited by the ancient secret society called Eschaton.

·        In 1998 the League disbanded, not to be restored until after 9/11

·        In 2001 the new League was formed by a UN council and became the World League, led by American Agent (the first true super soldier success), fighting terrorist organizations such as Project Titan, PYTHON and others. It lasted until 2009 when American Agent was killed in Afghanistan and the League quietly disbanded. An independent organization, Agents of Steel (led by a hundred year old hero named Talbot Steel who may have become immortal after drinking from the Holy Grail) picks up the slack.

·        In 2002 The Metahuman Intelligence Agency is quietly formed to track methuman appearances and activities, and to either recruit from or seek to apprehend meta criminals.

·        Between 2001 and the present many scientists notice a steady decline in the number of new metahumans appearing.

·        In 2014 evidence of a stellar war in neighboring Alpha Centauri was observed. 

·        In 2016 Project Titan becomes funded through backdoor channels my MJ-12 to observe and capture metahuman specimens for an army they are recruiting. 

·        In 2017 word arrives that a flotilla of refugee ships from Centauri are on the way, fleeing a threat from a conquering force called the Marauders. Word of this is kept hidden from the general public, but it is getting harder to conceal the information about dangerous advanced stellar civilizations. Project Space Force is publically announced as an ingenious cover to the actual Space Force which will take engineered tech from the Star League to prepare for the arrival of a fleet of aliens, and possible interstellar war. Behind the scenes, MJ-12 is tied in and using Project Titan to recruit, though no one knows this.

·        In 2018, Doctor Futurity reappears in New York for the first time in nearly twenty years....

NEXT: Doctor Futurity!

Friday, January 20, 2023

The Furor Unrelenting

 Well, after two weeks of unrelenting fury aimed at Wizards of the Coast its all sort of spiraled into a never-ending churn of youtube commentators seeking new and explosive angles to get more clicks while the actual community battens down the hatches and gets behind Paizo's Open RPG Content License. 

There is a bit about WotC stuffing the bare minimum into a creative commons license that is less useful than simply relying on existing legal interpretations of fair use. 

There is also a ton of back-and-forth about how much WotC does  (or does not) really care, or use their questionnaires and so forth. What I am getting out of this is that long before WotC by virtue of Hasbro officially went full supervillain against the community, there were a lot of people who did not like them, but also grudgingly couldn't really bitch about it because WotC left everyone alone. Now that they have turned into the Destroyer of Game Communities, this has allowed all that pent up energy to channel directly at the Goliath of the hobby.

There are people calling to boycott the upcoming D&D film. That movie has to cater to all the normies and the filthy casuals out there; it's just as likely to bomb on arrival right now for reasons wholly related to a poor quality product as it is to succeed despite the core tabletop community feeling that depriving Hasbro and Warner Brothers of some ticket sales makes a statement. It is also just as likely to be a hit, in which the crowd that loves movies and spectacles goes to see it simply because there is often nothing else fun to watch that week, and besides, we all caught the latest edition of Covid already so why not go out to the theater. What I mean is: I don't think a boycott impacts the gaming side of this equation, and harms the broader concept of the license; but the intent is in the right spirit, I suppose. 

I really have no idea how things will look in one or two years in the hobby landscape. The idea that in 2025 we could see Paizo once more at the forefront of the broader community, a champion of open game content and compatibility while WotC lurks in a walled electronic enclave preying on the tabletop equivalent of whales who can't quit D&D seems a little freaky to me, but also feels inevitable. Its that slow motion train wreck where we can see where all the pieces will end up, but have to watch for an interminably long period of time for them all to land there.

Wednesday, January 18, 2023

The Wasted Earth - A Post-Apocalyptic Cypher System Campaign

Don't think I've ever posted this before, but here's my campaign write-up for a Post-Apocalyptic Campaign set in my own home state, a post-apocalyptic New Mexico. I have used this setting using both GURPS rules and more recently Cypher System (as presented here). 

The Wasted Earth – an After the End Campaign for Cypher System

The world ended in a blaze of glory about 250 years ago. Exactly how much time has passed was marked by the last of the elders who were the last men of Earth to remember the world the way it was. These elder’s claim it was about 2370 “AD” when the machines awoke and changed the old world. Their stories were strange, mythical, and filled with tales of “bioweaponry,” “nuclear war,” and “nanotechnology.” They spoke of beings called the Ayesai (ASI, prounced A-es-ai)) as if they were gods or demons. If the old dates are right, then it is 2620 AD, though none can say for sure.

Some of the last elders spoke of men who had traveled to the stars, and wistfully hoped that they would one day return. Stories have been spoken of flying ships descending to the earth, but the armored beings which emerged were armed with death rays and seemed more interested in capturing the People for specimens and torture than anything else….and if you didn’t comply, they razed your community with incinerating beams of light. Whether these were the automatons….robots…..or aliens or men from space no one knew. Did it matter?

To the men of earth these beings from the sky are a terrifying mystery. Unknown to them, they are largely survivors in the so called Spacer Collective, a transgenic society of biomechanoids dominated by the so called machine intelligence, the Ayesai of which the elders warned…the advanced super intelligence which all but destroyed humanity when it awoke in a brilliant singularity, elevating its kind and a few unlucky biomes in to space, as it left a wasted earth behind.

One of the side effects of the genetic tampering that transpired in the days and weeks following the ASI uprising was an enormous escalation in random mutations. Mutants, viable, genetically sustainable new species are now all over the place, and they are the byproduct of the machine experimentation after the nullification of humanity. Intelligent species are everywhere, uplifted by the machines in a moment of curiosity, just as degenerate humans can be found in the wastes.

Pure humans still exist, but they are a hearty relic breed that was “hard coded” to resist the biogenic viruses released in the final days of what the Spacers called “The Change.” These pure strain humans are among the greatest survivors and also the rarest relics of the lost age. Their hidden enclaves are extremely well protected as they were among the few of old humanity’s wealthiest and most resourceful humans, determined to survive the singularity which they accurately predicted would destroy the world.

Despite the elevation of the machine intelligence in to space, the Spacer Commonwealth had a number of enclaves in the solar system which escaped detection and assimilation. These humans, mostly adapted to life in space, have avoided returning to Earth unless out of dire necessity. Their survival has predicated on being able to avoid notice under the presence of the ASI ruling the new Commonwealth, which is primarily dominant in the Jupiter and Saturn systems. Still, a few have begun new scientific expeditions to explore what is left of Earth….and see if anything can be reconstructed.

The Denizens of Wasted Earth

Earth humans now fall into a variety of types, named after various “mythical” archetypes:


Near-ascended humans who developed staggering intelligence; they were to become the “brains” of the Spacer Change of Earth. Technos did not get far however, as the biogenic weapons used to begin reshaping humanity either mutated intentionally or accidentally, creating many other bizarre human off shoots. The technos survived as a group by virtue of their intelligence and what turned out to be severe longevity, but today they are exceedingly rare, as great intelligence does not make up for weak physiology and a compromised immune system.

Technos look like normal humans but usually have signs of cybernetic modification around their cranium. Some show more extensive modification.


The humans who willingly embraced the ASI at the moment of the singularity were assimilated in to the clade of the post humans, and became something more than man, more than machine. The ascended were actually few in number, but many millions were promised the opportunity to assimilate if they cooperated. Those who did not were forcibly conscripted or merged with the machine flesh of the ASI. Today no Ascended are believed to exist on the Wasted Earth, and if any might, they are probably cast out from their Utopian civilization in the region of Jupiter.

Ascended appear in any guise they wish, and are usually hard-light constructs, beings of energy and information projecting from a core source, usually a sophisticated biomachine brain with a gravitic engine.

Pure Strain Humans

By luck or design many tens of thousands of humans somehow survived the apocalypse, either avoiding mutation through luck or by having the resources and foresight to ensconce themselves in insulated, protected enclaves to ride out the singularity. These humans range from the hapless survivors who descended from the humans who hid in Carlsbad Caverns and avoided notice to wealthy billionaires like Arthur Biden who used his wealth to forge a private fortress on Mt. Shasta and managed to ride out the destruction. PSHs such as Biden may even survive to this day, having utilized some of the advanced in bioengineering to extend their lifespans indefinitely.

Pure strain humans appear much as contemporary humans do, though by the 24th century humanity had become such a melting pot that physical differences such as skin color were rarely distinct, and genetic bioengineering had all but eliminated most genetic defects. The amount of biological and nuclear contamination in the Wasted Earth has massively reversed this scenario, and humans today have sharply declined in their overall health and longevity.


Level 2 (normal) or 3 (warriors); Health 6 or 9; Damage 2 or 3 or by weapon (usually war axes and bows, 4 points); Special: one level higher Might defense but one level lower Intellect defense

Subhumans, to be turned into grunt workers and industrial fodder, food resource who are now regarded as warlike and vicious predators. Lots of mutation among the cros lead to all sorts of variations, many shortening lives or of lethal nature. The cros seem to have “devolved” to an earlier state of human history and have limited language skills.

Most cro are distinctly prehuman, and look much like Neanderthals. The exact nature of their regression is no longer understood though some surviving elders suspect the cro were a byproduct of the first few weeks in which the ASI subjected humanity to intense levels of experimentation.


Level 6; Health 30; Damage 6; Special: Intellect Defense Level 7; “sheathing attack” vs. Speed Defense to attach to target (deals Might damage initially), then second attack is vs. Intellect Defense until detached. If Intellect hits 0, at which time target is enslaved.

The shapers are the most terrifying of the mutated, transmorphic entities that seem to depend heavily on the assimilation of other bio-organisms for the reconstitution of their own flesh. Shapers are rare, but notoriously hard to put down. They have a connection to the Carriers, of which one in a thousand seems to manifest as shaper.

Shapers initially can appear as any sort of creature they wish, as they are in fact a “sheave” of translucent flesh which fits like a glove over any other bipedal or quadrupedal host. The shaper will in time convert the host to its willing slave, making it in to a carrier (see below), before finding a new host to convert and moving on. A conversion typically takes 1-2 weeks.

The Legion

Level 4; Health 16; Damage 4 melee or by weapon (usually heavy chain guns 8 damage); usually have 1D3 weird random mutations and cybernetic enhancements: 1-enhanced strength (+1 might defense); 2-enhanced speed (+1 speed defense); 3-monoblade (penetrating attack); 4-toxin resistance (+2 shifts might defense vs. toxins); 5-built in chain gun (can’t be disarmed); 6-dermal armor (+1 Armor); 7-chitnous growth (+1 armor); 8-enhanced vision (thermal, night); 9-heightened senses (+1 shift  perception); 10-spore emission (Immediate range poison attack, might defense level 5); 11-Radiation Resistance (+2 might defense), 12-Radioactive (emits an aura causing 3 radiation damage to adjacent foes).

These immense genetically-enhanced descendants of the “super soldiers” of the Final War are terrifying opponents and devastating in battle. The Legion exists in pockets around the Wastelands, usually in possession of still functional military gear, and seems to rely heavily on capturing women of other mutation types as they seem unable to produce Legion females of their own.

Legion appear as biogenetically and cybernetically enhanced humans, but often with additional unique mutations of sometimes beneficial but also debilitating nature. They are currently third to fourth generation descendants of the first Legion members, and the increase in grotesque mutations have grown, as their factory-labs where they are created are slowly breaking down in to disrepair.  Legion born of women are rarely able to survive for long but the few who do seem to hold the stronger stock of their parents combined.


Level 6; Health 24; Damage 6; Armor 2 points; Special: targets injured by carriers must make a level 6 might defense or become carriers; once per month target must make a Level 2 Might Defense or become ill from the virus; on a 20 is cured, on a 1 may mutate. Moves a long distance as a single move.

A bizarre group of transformed humans, animals and mutants who seem to have become carriers for the biogenic virus, which has mutated them into hosts. The transmorphs are noted for being driven by a need to find, kill and assimilate the flesh of their victims into their hive mind, expanding their ranks. The virus operates purely to spread itself, and has lost most of its transmorphic properties. One in a thousand carriers becomes a Shaper.

A carrier looks like a sleek, vicious predatory beast with a black and red exoskeleton, designed to run at speeds of up to sixty miles per hour and to hunt and kill with brutal efficiency. Variations can be found by region, but the carriers are clearly designed as predators and perhaps even with a sadistic component to their very nature. It is speculated that, much like the cro, carriers and shapers were part of the early phase of bio experimentation which the ASI perpetrated on humanity before eventually moving to forge the ascended.


Variable Level and Stats; Typical basic Created is Level 3; Health 15; Damage 3; May have degraded Intellect (Level 2 intellect defense).

The created are biological androids that existed prior to the Great War and which still function today. Most are quite insane, as it appears that their artificially grown brains, while unaging, have flaws which lead to mental degradation over long periods of time.

Created often look like perfect humans, though time has a way of wearing them down. They do not age though they can simulate human growth habits (hair, fingernails) and can eat, though the food is processed as pure waste. Androids with major injuries to their frame over time may be easier to spot, showing wounds on their synthetic flesh that won’t heal, or damaged internal metal skeletal frames which give their inhuman natures away.


Level 5; Health 25; Damage 4 with fists; Special: If the primary attack hits, triggers a level 5 might defense or target takes 5 acid damage; acid damage bypasses armor or may destroy armor on a GMI; Immune to radiation damage. Level 6 intellect defense to avoid being detected by howlers.

The howlers are terrifying mutants which exist in the deeps of the wasteland hunting all other beings as prey. The howlers may once have been human, but the biogenic weapons changed specific hosts into this terrifying form of sludge-like zombies. It is not clear is these chemical zombies have intelligence beyond predatory instinct, but some claim they seem to move about as if simulating their old lives when observed in the wild and unaware of nearby prey.

Howlers look like hideous, greenish zombies covered in a perpetually oozing slime. Their mere touch is lethal to most creatures.


Level 4; Health 12; Damage 4; Special: radiation immunity; nanite emissions, any target in immediate range must make a Level 4 might defense test or move down one grade on the wound track after becoming infected by the ghouls nanites; continue to make test daily, moving up or down on wound track (cannot be healed until resolved); if the infected dies, becomes a new ghoul. 

Ghouls appear almost at random, and are similar to Cro but for their hideous appearance and cannibalistic nature. Ghouls are cunning and intelligent, but see themselves as creatures apart from man. Physically ghouls can pass for human most of the time, but over the years they degrade to a rotted corpse-like state, and their minds tend to degrade as well. Colonies of ghouls keep their degenerate elders alive in catacombs, feeding them and letting them out at night, while the younger ones seek to masquerade as human by day.

Ghouls are believed to be another product of the singularity, but there are a few elders who claim that ghouls already existed prior to the rise of the ASI, and were the survivors of a Nano plague which rendered them immortal but at the cost of much of their humanity about a generation before the apocalypse. The truth of these stories has never been properly established, but there are a few ghouls who do indeed claim to be centuries old.


Cleaning Droid Level 1; Health 3; Damage 1

Labor Bot Level 2; Health 6; Damage 2; Armor 1

Autocar Level 4; Health 20; Damage 8 if hit at high speed; Armor 2

Machine Laborer Level 3; Health 15; Damage 3; Armor 1; may have distinct intelligence as AGI

Warbot (see Cypher robots)

Robots of all sorts were in general use when the Final War hit. Humanoid robots were often used as inexpensive labor, some were used in warfare, and still others as personal servants. Earth-born robots were given limited AI, to avoid the problem of the emergent Machine AI in the Spacer Colonies that led to the Final War.

Robots appear in all varieties and shapes, from simple cleaning droids to enormous warbots.


Level 4; Health 20; Damage 4 by tentacles or venom spit (short range); Special: venom spit causes paralysis if a level 4 might defense roll is failed for 1 minute; paralyzed targets or targets rendered unconscious can be implanted with a spitter host seed in 1D6 rounds. Once implanted the host remains paralyzed until the seed sprouts, creating a new splitter 1D6 hours later.

A variant mutant breed reminiscent of the Howlers, the spitters are another degenerate race of human which has been parasitically changed by a strange vine-like plant that controls the brains of its hosts and changes the body over time. The Spitters seek to paralyze prey with a venomous toxin that they can spray from their mouths up to fifty feet or more, after which they incapacitate the prey and implant the host with new spitter seeds. The alien intelligence of the spitter plant is completely unknown, but it does seem to favor humanoid forms exclusively.

The Notmen

RabbitFolk, Level 1 ; health 3; damage 1 or by light weapon (2); Level 4 Speed Defense, Level 3 Intellect Defense vs. perception

Catfolk , Dogfolk,  level 2; Health 6; Damage 2 or by weapon

Bearfolk Level 4; health 16; damage 4 or by weapon; +1 might defense

Apemen Level 4; health 12; damage 4 or by weapon; +1 might defense

Turtlefolk Level 3; health 9; damage 3 or by weapon; armor 1; swimming and diving assets

Before the fall of man, transgenic technology had successfully uplifted several animal species, creating unique animal-human hybrids through DNA manipulation. Of these hybrid species many were created sterile, but not all. Today, a handful of these Notmen still exist, some in thriving communities. Among the notmen are rabbitfolk, catfolk, dogfolk, apemen, the reptilians and even, along the west coast of the Wasteland Expanse the turtlefolk.

Other Animals of Wasted Earth

Humanity wasn’t the only thing that changed. Many species of plant and animal of those that still existed were altered by the biogenic virus of the Machine AI.  Today, only the heartiest and usually deadliest of these species still thrive, making for an incredibly hostile landscape to traverse.

A few common animal types people are used to in the Wastelands:

Groats: fierce descendants of goats mutated with more predatory carnivorous DNA to make them aggressive pack hunters. Groats are reminiscent of swift goat-like horned beasts with lean pantherine bodies. Level 4; Health 12; Damage 4; Armor 1; Speed long

Macs: The macs were cattle mutated for better efficiency and meat output; a created successor to cows. The biogenic virus did many strange things to Mac physiology and today Macs are quadrupedal creatures that mutated with two manipulative arms, a centauroid torso and better vocal chords with which to communicate. They are now intelligent (not much more so than Cros, however) and move in tribal packs. Still considered very tasty, but extremely difficult to catch and kill without a high death rate among human wastelanders. Level 3; Health 9; Damage 3; docile.

Drakes: The drakes appear to have been large snakes that mutated multiple legs and developed surprisingly large and agile bodies. They have a cunning animal intelligence and prey on Macs, Groats and other beasts. Level 5; Health 20; Damage 5; Armor 1; Constriction Attack Level 6 might defense (6 damage).

Scorps: Giant scorpions mixed with what appears to be a bit of reptilian physiology, these insect-like scoprions are sometimes larger than a truck and have none of the issues a conventional insect would display when sized up. Level 7; Health 28; Damage 7 and might defense level 7 or drop 1 on wound track poison; Armor 3; immune to radiation.

Sharlots: These massive spiders appear to have been altered in the same manner as the scorps, with mixed animal DNA to compensate for arthropoidal size limitations. The sharlots are of animal intelligence, or so most believe, and reclusive wilderness dwellers, though some will colonies ruins. There are several variants of sharlot, including the black widow, hobo, trap door, tarantuloid and other variants. Typically Level 3; Health 9; Damage 3 and poison (level 3 might defense or take one wound track damage); Webs can constrain, level 3 Speed Defense or entangled.

Conqueror Worms: These massive mutated worms are sometimes hundreds of feet long and eat almost anything. The exact nature of their biology, how they grow so large and sustain their immense weight is unknown. Level 8; Health 80; Damage 8; Armor 3; Move long.

Lurkers: These giant mutated humanoid frogs display human intelligence and use primitive weapons. They are found in wetlands and along the coast, and are extremely hostile to humans. Level 2; Health 6; Damage 4 (weapon) or 2 (fists); Armor 0 or 1; Can jump a short distance.

Centimares: these disturbingly mutated horses have centipede like qualities with horse’s heads. The exact nature of their mutation is a mystery, but one can carry five passengers as long range movement easily. Level 3; Health 9; Damage 3.

The Carlsbad Region

The region of Carlsbad survived in the heart of the southwest, in a mountainous highland region where a vast cave network at one time became a last-ditch refuge for thousands of humans who sought a means of weathering the unstoppable plague that seemed to have struck humankind. Only the capricious and arbitrary natures of the ascended who served the ASI prevented the men who took their refuge from being targeted and converted, destroyed, or rendered into composite chemicals.

After the ascension and the elevation of the ASI into space, the survivors returned to the surface world to a land blasted by destruction and change. They sought initially to inhabit the ruins of the local cities: El Paso, Carlsbad, Artesia and Roswell. In this future area the ruins were now home to a large commercial spaceport, but that very port had brought the might of the ASI and their converted into space. The port itself was now desiccated, haunted, and rife with the terrible mutations called the shapers and the carriers. Elsewhere, the military enclaves to the north which had survived awoke to expose the remnants of the Legion, the last of a genetic super-race which was designed to fight the ascended. Now they seem determined to purge Wasted Earth of mutated life, though their mechanisms seem to catch mutant and pure strain human alike in their gunsights.


In the South the Pazo is a vast sprawl of ruins which are riddled with deadly creatures and a vast nuclear crater, but on its fringes thrive multiple raider colonies.

The Great Caves

These haunted caves are remembered for the time they saved humankind, but now are considered the repository of the ghosts of the elders. Only the cro dwell here, ruling from the caves as well as their labyrinthine villages. The cro treat human and mutant alike as a viable food source.

Carlsbad Ruins

When the humans of the caverns emerged post-apocalypse, they attempted for a short time to reclaim the city of Carlsbad, but death, famine and disease eroded at the community, and then the first mutants and raiders hit. Now, 125 years later, the ruins are dominated by different animal tribes, monsters and other denizens.

Lander’s End

The ruins of Lander’s End were once the city or Roswell. The city itself suffered terrible damage in the war but it also still contains buried relics and wonders. Lander’s End has become the focal point of a cult of religious fanatics who prowl the ruins for relics of old, and believe that the ascended were the last humans to be carried to the heavens by the Space Gods.  They think that the space gods will eventually return for more people.

The Grand Towers of the Astrodome

Most of nearby Roswell is a barely sustained ruin, but the impressive launch yards of the Astrodome that is known for the Grand Towers (immense ship launch stations) is a sprawling ruin of impressive machinery, unused but nonfunctional ships and remnants of the final conflict of the ever so brief war brought about by the singularity. Located midway between Roswell and Kirkie to the north, the Astrodome covers seventy miles of territory and was once a shockingly impressive installation.

The Grand Towers house the Terror Tribes, which are vicious cannibal mutants ruled by a ghoul who calls himself Amadeus. They engage in regular warfare with the Legion from the north.

Blackfire Mountains

The mountains to the west, beyond which is found Al’Ordo, are highly radioactive and deadly. The deathsmoker clans are found out here, short-lived mutants and beasts which terrorize the rest of the region. The enigmating glittering dome is also found in this direction.


This oil-rich region is being rekindled out of its ruins as the so called Guzzlers take control. These raiders use rebuilt vehicles and seem to have more than a little scientific know-how. Their subjugation of neighboring regions for slavery and food is making them very unpopular. They are led by the mutant Notorious Gam.

The Burning Pit

East of the region near the Old Texas Border (called Taxaz) is a vast stretch more than a hundred miles in length that is a perpetual burning pit, a terrifying gap that seems to dig deep in to the core of the earth. The tribes in that region are dedicated to weird cults. 

The Redair Region

Redair is a mountain town built on the reasonably safe ruins of an older community, located at a highlands point where the air is generally fresh and clean year round. It didn’t used to be like this; the first couple generations said the valley of the ruins used to be filled with a weird red mist, but it eventually dissipated and the town grew rapidly.

Redair is operated by a loose group of local citizens and a handful of men who belong to the Commonwealth of Humanity, a group dedicated to restoring civilization and decency to the barbarian tribes of the wasteland. They have allied with several local communities, as well as the western tribes of the Lizhini Sha lands, as well as outliers at the major ruin-settlements, including Fenx, Rad, and Kirk.

Nestled in the Black Mountains of Redair are several unique locations:

The Monolith

This immense, black structure juts out of and seems to grow from Black Mountain to the south.  The monolith is in fact an immense construction of unknown origin that burrows deep in to the earth. A colony of morlocks, subhumanoids with access to ancient technology, dwell near its buried mass and steal technology from the maze of structures comprising the monolith.

The function of the complex is unknown, but what is known is that it seems to be growing sometimes by dozens of feet every year. Occasionally entrances are identified, and scavengers brave the machines crawling through the complex to find artifacts and relics. A few have returned, with quite a haul, and very strange stories of the interior.

The Northern Rad Wastes

The northern mountains of Greater Rad are said to contain many communities that are safely out of irradiated or toxic zones, but slicing across the southern region is a great valley of death called the Rad Wastes. Mutants and Scorps crawl across the region, but there are a handful of safe highland passages that cut through, including one heading north from Redair. Once in a while the weather shifts, and the Redair area is hit by toxic clouds and acid rain, but this seems to happen only occasional and mostly during rain season.

The X

Known for the remains of a relic sign of the ancients that is a huge “X” this sprawling location contains what are described as ancient rocket ships and is claimed to be a staging ground for space travel from the old era. No one knows if the ships still work, but death machines patrol the region making scavenging dangerous. Most high tech weaponry in the region that still works comes from this location, so the risk is worth it.

Eastland Machine Factory

East of the community of Spring near the Old Passage is a remote functioning facility called the Eastland Machine Factory. This immense complex continues to function, though its output is minimal. The old genius Carter Manners runs the place with his gang of twenty, and his loyal synthetics, who help to keep up manufacture on arms and bullets. Carter Manners sells to the highest bidder through the shanty town which has sprung up around the facility. Rumor is he managed to crack the secret of the ancients’ security, bonding the robots to his servitude. Many consider him the most powerful person in this region as a result.


This is the territory northwest of the Redair region where the Cro tribes roam. They often go to conflict with the western Mesa People as well as the mountain folk of Redair. The cro are noted for their primitivism and violence, but they seem able to at least comprehend how to use technology, if only as blunt instruments. The cro of Hahk have been moving south recently, possibly due to an invasion of Spitters which are coming out of DurandGo to the north, pushing them in to Redair and Mesa territory.

Mesa and Lizhini Sha

The so-called “City of the Black Sun” is the name of the ancient mesa people’s settlement that still stands strong in the heart of what was once the convergence of four great empires of old. The people claim many heritages, and unlike others descended from the ancients have remembered a bit more of their ancestry since it seems they had never moved as far from nature as so many others had during the collapse. Their city is called Black Sun in the language of one tribe, of those who call themselves Navajo, and say that Black God now rules the Fifth World, a world where man was left behind. Aside from the Navajo are several other tribes who identify with groups who can trace their heritage back to long before the collapse of the ancestors centuries before.

Lizhini Sha has about two thousand inhabitants and is along a trade route to the northwest territories, through the Rocky Badlands and the Burning Mountains to the great Salt Sea northwest, where the City of Salt is located. Ruled by an egalitarian collective, the mesafolk protect their lands carefully and have worked many local wells and mines to sustain themselves with buried veins of metal and subterranean water resources. The community is fragile, however, and recent draughts are making life in the region very difficult. Some of the tribesmen have taken to raiding neighboring settlements.

A handful of inhabitants at Lizhini Sha are notmen, who are considered free and equal in the community. The region is locally terrified of several colonies of ghouls in the area, who are considered supernatural predators and bringers of disease (rightfully).

Tractor Town

Located in the middle of nowhere, near the old ruins of Bloom, lies a single complex where once ancient machines of farming and agriculture were created and sent to grow crops. The machines plow tirelessly on, fractured in their programming, building endless arrays of biodomes filled with mutated crops in one, dessicated and dead crops in another, and on occasion a genuine bountiful harvest.

A tribe of men called the Farmers have settled here and pluck the product of Tractor Town, sending it off to sell to neighbors for goods they cannot get themselves. The Farmers are deeply spiritual and revere the farmbots as something like gods, and defend them with lethal force if necessary.


The ruins of bloom are three major cities of old, which appeared to have been in decline before the collapse of the ancients. Many antiques can be found here, but an immense crater on the north end of the expanse suggests a terrible destruction hit the region, and the area is crawling with Howlers. Bloom’s main claim to fame is an abandoned refinery for oil that still works, but no one can handle production for long without getting sick or killed by howlers. It also has an unusually large number of still intact vehicles awaiting salvage or reconstruction. A local trader named Maddison has a refurbishing business outside the ruins, where they pull the carcasses of old vehicles out of the ruins and turn them in to fresh mac-powered wagons.


The ruins of this region are sparse and already overrun by nature, and a colony of notmen now dwell in this region, as well as a trade town called Taos’ End. The area is not prone to violence, but for years locals have complained of strange noises, barely audible, which sometimes seem to drive locals mad.

Pinnacle station

Located deep in the south mountains near the ruins of old Los Alamos, Pinnacle Station is actually an Oribital Laboratory set up by the spacers who survived somewhat intact following the collapse. These spacers are part of the Collective, a large colony network on Enceladus which was somehow not annihilated during the ASI exodus. About twenty years ago a mission to return to Earth to study and determine a course of action was established. The colony was settled using new technology, landers which were powered with impressive fusion drives, and one hundred and thirty two scientists and researchers were settled to begin studying what had happened to earth on the remains of the old Los Alamos National Labs. That was fifteen years ago. About six years ago the research colony lost all contact with Enceladus and the Collective Network, which included new bases on Titan, Mars, the Moon and Venus. They have had no visit from any lander, and have assumed the worst happened: the ASI returned to finish the job.

The station is currently led by Richard Macallister, a military commander and survivalist who was voted in to his position. He has maintained a “wait and see” attitude toward the matter while working to shore up the colony so it would remain self-sustaining, creating a series of camouflaged biodomes and enhancing the underground network. Over the last fifteen years the colonists have had three dozen children, though the mortality rate is unusually high in birth due to the pervasive biogenic, nanotechnic and radiological contaminants in the air. The colony continues to actively disguise its presence from locals. The notion is that the locals are too uncivilized at this time, and if any one group provides evidence it is developing more sophisticated cultural and sociological development they may study it more closely. Currently a spy named Matt Plant is living in Redair, for example, monitoring the curious trade network that has sprung up. Another spy name Lindsey Lace lives in Tractor Town.


A major obstacle heading south to Kirk, Blackscar is a 177 mile long rift in the earth, a deep, carbonized black canyon that is anywhere from 150 to 600 feet deep. Radioactive water builds in the base, and evidence of intense energy and heat shows for miles around the scar. Two routes go around it to Kirk proper, but someone constructed a bridge (no one knows who) that is currently maintained by a scavenger gang of bandits called the Bridge Boys. Most traders can get by with a donation of goods or food, but sometimes the Bridge Boys ask for women or other slaves, and this can lead to fights. The gang is about 100 strong, and contains some mutants and roaches.

Kirk Ruins and Salvage Town

The vast ruins of Kirk are a sprawling mess, and three areas with craters suggest terrible fires of the ancients probably killed the city. Several trenches, some three miles long, suggest the burning fire that created Blackscar also killed Kirk.

Despite this, despite the radiation, and despite the hordes of roaches and the armies of mutants (including howlers, spitters, scorps, shapers and leapers) the outskirts of the city has an extensive community known as Salvage Town. Run by the ex-legion Brute, Salvage Town thrives on picking apart the ruins and using it to forge his crude army. The town in turn benefits from Brute’s tactical acumen and surprising knowledge of ancient warfare and machinery, which keeps them safe from the dangers of Kirk Ruins. Even more so, it protects them from the southern habitat, called Kirk Land, where the legion Outpost in this region is located. Brute lives to protect his wife, the human woman Maza, from all harm.

Kirk Land

The Emperor of Kirk Land is a scrawny ascended named Lazarus who claims to be an ancient, and has earned the trust of the general Maximus, a legion commander who has colonized the area with two hundred of his kin, taking control of an ancient military base and using Lazarus’s knowledge to restore a complex full of medical tanks that can help to clone new legionnaires, repair damage and even graft new cybernetics on to their bodies. He is part of the Greater Legion which sends its armies out from Texaz to the east, in the area of Huu Stan.

Though only a few hundred in number, the Legion battles tirelessly against the roach forces of Kirk Ruins and seeks to shatter the lawlessness of the city in the name of the Legion. They also seek to subjugate Salvage Town, where the hated criminal Brute has gone, former leader of their kind, who renounced his rule and mission after he fell in love with the human woman Maza. Brute feels that the Legion are programmed or brainwashed by the old science of the ancient military machines to behave as they do, and seeks to end their ways. Maximus will end him.