Monday, April 7, 2014

B/X D&D Month VII: Drowned Zombies

Drowned Zombies
Armor Class: 7
Hit Dice: 2+1* (M)
Move: 90' or 180' swimming (30' or 60')
Attacks: claw attack or weapon plus special
Damage: 1D8 by claw or per weapon, special
No. Appearing: 2D4 (4D6)
Save As: F1
Morale: 12
Treasure Type: nil
Intelligence: 1
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 35
Creature Type: undead
Terrain: any water
   Drowned zombies are the product of an unusual watery death, often in connection to necromantic energies, or murder at the hands of another undead while in the water (such as a rusalka). The drowned zombies function much as normal zombies do on land, with bodies only slightly more resilient against damage due to the blaoted, watery skin that hangs from their bones. Like normal zombies they always lose initiative while on land. However, when in water they are much faster as swimmers, and roll initiative normally.
   Whenever two or more drowned zombies land successful attacks in the same round they attempt to push their target under the water to drown him. The zombies exert a supernatural effect which forces water into the lungs of the target if he/she fails a save vs. death ray. If the save is failed, the target immediately begins drowning and has to make Constitution checks (see RC page 89-90). If the target makes the save he has held his breath and much make a Strength check (with a +1 penalty for each zombie holding him underwater) to break free on his round. If he does not break free then he must save vs. death ray again or begin drowning.
   If a drowned zombie is removed from water for more than 24 hours it will eventually become immobile as it dries out, then go into a sort of suspended animation until exposed to water again (even rain will suffice). It will then seek out the nearest body of water if possible.

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