Tuesday, April 22, 2014

B/X D&D Month XXII: S'Grotak Undraek, the Ravenous Assassin

Yesterday I presented some rules on creating a horde of random demons. Here today is a sample of such using the rules as presented...

Sample Demon:
The S'Grotak Undraek (The Ravenous Assassin; demon Lord)
Armor Class: -1
Hit Dice: 10+12 (lord, L)*** (65 hit points)
Move: 120' (40') or flying 180' (60')
Attacks: two claws, two weapons, bite
Damage: 1D6+6/1D6+6 per claw, or by weapon: short sword+2 1D6+8/1D6+8; bite 1D4+4
No. Appearing: unique
Save As: F10
Morale: 12
Treasure Type: H
Intelligence: 13
Alignment: Chaotic
XP Value: 3,500
Creature Type: outsider (demon)
Terrain: any planar layer of the abyss, or by summoning; frequents Samaskar and Nix
Special Vision Traits: can turn invisible at will; can see invisible (passive, constant effect), darkvision 60 feet
Special Attacks: infernal damage (-1 attacks and saves to those injured by the demon), 
Special Defenses: +2 or better to hit; immune to cold, fire and electricity, spell resistance 50%
Spells: as 10th level Magic-User-
1st level: charm person 2/day, sleep 1/day
2nd level: knock, web, mirror image (1/day each)
3rd level: fireball, haste, hold person (1/day each)
4th level: dimension door, hallucinatory terrain, confusion (1/day each)
5th level: animate dead, cloudkill (1/day each) 

S'Grotak Undraek is a potent demon lord or lesser might who fancies himself the "Ravenous Assassin" (what his name means in the chaos tongue). He is a reaver of souls and regularly sends missive to mages and priests in Pergerron, attempting to teach them how to reach out and summon him so that he may gain freedom on the mortal plane to do what he does best: murder. 

The Ravenous Assassin recently struck a deal with the wizard Vothan Almarek of the city of Samaskar, an entrepeneurial wizard keen to learn demonic magic. In exchange for giving the demon freedom to prowl the streets at night and commit murder, S'Grotak Undraek in turn filches relics and spell lore from the hideous demon city of Nix where he dwells when he is trapped in the abyss and hands his findings over to Vothan.

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