Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mass Effect 3: Retaliation Expansion

Bioware is making it really hard for me to focus on other games. Retaliation comes loaded with new maps, foes and new character class kits. It's a free download, although that's misleading of course, as you acquire the new classes and models to play by spending in-game currency or buying bioware points with real money. The latter is a bad deal in my opinion; you can make enough in-game currency in an hour of play to unlock a rare or two if you want; I spent $10 on bioware points to see what sort of a mix I got, and while I did unlock a couple classes/models I wanted, I didn't really feel like it was a terribly good investment, given I could have gotten it after a couple more hours' play anyway (and the multiplayer experience in this game is fantastic as co-op goes).


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