Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Thriving Subculture of the OSR

Just a few comments today! First, I have ordered the first three issues of Loviatar, and am looking forward to getting them. There really is something special about a classic home-made printed zine/chapbook type of publication. As much as I am a slave to the internet now, I really miss the good old days when that was the key medium of communication between gamers.

Second, if you aren't already familiar with The Underdark Gazette (and if you love OSR games you should be), drop on in and take a look. James does an awesome job of compiling all the latest data on classic, old school, and retro gaming releases, and I felt it was an amazing contrast to the current sorry state of current Big Name game product releases that I discussed a day or two ago.

Maybe its just me, but I tend to get a good feeling when a segment of the gaming hobby is completely lit up with new books, concepts, innovations and just general coolness.

Starting shortly, I will have a daily "Ages of Lingusia" column scheduled which will reveal a segment of this campaign setting each day. That will run through mid November, and is "in the can" so to speak, since it all comes from material I compiled over a year ago. That way, the blog will live on even while I am (at some point in the stretch) down having my appendages crushed into bone meal by my wife during labor. Yes, soon it will be over and Marcus will be here. Poor little guy....with a mom like Jody and a dad like me....! Plus, even if he hits 9 pounds at birth weight he's still going to be less than half the size of our biggest cat!


  1. I think you'll really like Loviatar. Even when Christian features material for other games, it's very clearly and simply written so it's adaptable to everything.

    Having it in small, printed format is really nice. Portability and inspiration in one package.

  2. I'm definitely looking forward to reading it; I'll post more on Loviatar once I have the issues in.