Monday, October 10, 2011

Long Weekend, Overloaded on Dragon Age

After a bit of flu this weekend I found I didn't make it out of the house. On the other hand, I had a three day weekend thanks to the holiday, so I took advantage of this convergence of "stuck in house" + "Thanks, Columbus" to finish at long last Dragon Age: Origins, and the expansions, including Lelianna's Song and the Dragon Age: Awakening mega-expansion. Whew. Very good game, extremely emotional impact at the end (lets just say that to avoid continuity issues I couldn't import my PC from DA:O to DA:A) and I have to say that this game remains one of many reasons Bioware is CRPG king out there. Looking forward to Dragon Age II (I know its changed up a bit, but as long as the storytelling is good old Bioware, I'm cool with it).

Rest in Peace, Anastra, you were a good fighter/champion/berserker/ranger!

And long live Dartain, just another Gray Warden in the wrong place at the right time:

I think its very telling that this game...a computer RPG no less....left me feeling pretty attached to the characters and their tales. The last several hours of Dragon Age: Origins was better than most movies or books, I felt, and the ability of these tales to invoke a meaningful sense of consequence (and moral ambiguity) for one's choice of actions was impressive. It's very rare to see that in any medium, especially gaming.

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