Friday, October 14, 2011

All your Dragon Age Base are Belong to Us! Plus, AGE System for Conan

I now have Dragon Age Set 1, Set 2 and Blood in Ferelden. This is some good stuff, a very tight, well-designed game that just happens to have a clever old-school approach dressed up in the finest modern fineries. Now, all I need to do is convince my extremely suspicious and tightly focused Saturday group to trust me that it's worth a spin...

One thing I like about Dragon Age, among many other things, is the fact that it manages to encompass some pretty traditional fantasy tropes, play them straight, and still come off feeling distinctly original and unique in its take. It's also a great example of a setting using "economy of design," as opposed to the more traditional Kitchen Sink approach common to D&D settings.

I'm really looking forward to exploring it more. And not just for Thedas. There's a really nice conversion for the AGE System right here for the Hyborian world of Conan. I like what I see; I may drag out my Tales of the Black Kingdoms book and adopt it to the AGE System using this campaign hack as a starting point.

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