Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pathfinder Basic Boxed Set Previews

Paizo has previews of the Basic Boxed Set up on its site here. I was especially impressed with the monster stat blocks, which are incredibly clean, organized, take a hint from the efficient approach of 4E's stat blocks while still being functionally Pathfinder/3.5. I seriously wish all the stat blocks in the Bestiaries looked more like this; functional and to the point (but with plenty of expository and fun text--commonly known as fluff for some reason--mixed in).

I think if Paizo is smart they'll plan to release a small but vigorous line of side products geared specifically for use with the Basic Edition of Pathfinder. I relish the concept of a world in which there's a variant of Pathfinder/3.75 that is smooth, streamlined, has no attacks of opportunity and only bothers to deal with 5-10 levels of play (yes, I think a Pathfinder Basic Set 2 for levels 6-10 would be the next logical step, followed by a Pathfinder Basic Companion that brings in more races and classes structured for the Basic rules).

Okay, now that that's all said, I guess I better go get the basic set and hope it really does live up to all the previews and hype!

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