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Personalities of Kharabys

And now for the Third and Final chapter on the many odd characters and NPCs, this time in the city of Kharabys and Isnathar at large. In going over all this stuff I wrote for the Astral Island I have to admit I would like to run some future games set here. Perhaps, I could do it in Castles & Crusades, using the Cosmos Builder and Planescape as plug ins.....

Personalities of Kharabys

Peredon Naylor                                                AL CG    human sorcerer 7
   Peredon is a human from the kingdom of Narzham, on a remote material plane that appears to have disappeared or is impossible to find. He’s been searching for years now for a way of finding his home, and has in the process built up an impressive local navigational collection of the hundreds of planar routes that manifest in Isnathar, and he eventually opened a business to display his impressive clockwork construction of the local planar gate space called the Planeum. He is rumored to have been forced into exile from the Imperial Demi-Plane of Naelythia after being caught with the emperor’s youngest daughter, Ialatha, some years ago.

Galon Skord
   Galon Skord is a notorious local knave who might more likely fit in to the devil-run Port Draemen, but for the fact that he hates being outshined in his villainy. He is a native of the material plane of Chirak, from the island of Espanea, where he works for a society called the Order of the Ebon Skull, securing rare and valuable artifacts of evil from the planar realms or use by the Ebon Skulls on his home plane. His principle allegiance is to his immediate superiors, but he has sworn a pact of fealty to the demon lord Kraish’degar. To rise in status and power Galon has commissioned the recovery of an ancient coffin containing the corrupted chaos-flesh of the dead demon lord Nasur, said to have been slain eons ago by Metatron himself, then interred in a sarcophagus that insured the demon lord would never return.
   Galon relies on three agents are a trio of sultry tiefling women who carry out his dirty work. They are called Etheri, Thalia, and Tresanielle. All three were found as young orphan girls plying their trade in the back alleys of Kharabys (where tieflings are regardes as second-class citizens) and raised to be cunning assassins by Galon. Indeed, Galon himself is not nearly as skilled at his planar acquisitions without their aid.
AL: LE     Race: human                                        Class:      anti-paladin 5        Deity: Kraish’degar
App: Gaunt and pale, wears heavy lacquered ebony platemail, and a horned helm.
Init:        -1            AC 21 (Tch 9  FF 21)            FT +7 RF +3 WL +8               HP 47                    
Senses: normal     Armor: platemail +1 and heavy steel shield shield ( AB 9+1 and +2 shield)
Speed 20 ft. (30 unarmored)             Melee +1 magical scimitar +10 or +11 with boon; (1D6+6; 18-20/X2)    
Space 5 ft; Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks Smite good 4/day (+5 damage/+10 vs. good subtype, bypass DR, and +3 to AC against that target), Touch of corruption (2D6 damage touch), Aura of Cowardice (-4 vs. fear on enemies within 10 feet)
STR 17(+3); DEX 8(-1); CON 10(+0); INT 10(0); WS 12(+1); CH 15(+3)     Base Atk +5; CMB +8; CMD 17
Anti-Paladin Feats and Abilities Aura of Evil, Detect Good, Smite Good 4/day (+5 dmg/+`0 vs. good subtype, bypass DR, +3 AC), Unholy Resilience, touch of corruption 5/day (2D6 damage touch), aura of cowardice (-4 vs fear on enemies in 10 ft), plague bringer, cruelty (sickened), channel negative energy, Fiendish Boon (weapon +1, unholy light, added to scimitar), Weapon Focus (scimitar), Toughness    
Spell Slots 1st level: 1/day (DC 14) Memorized: Summon Monster I (fiendish fire beetle)
Skills Bluff +11, Disguise +9, Intimidate +16, K/History +4, K/the Planes +5, Sense Motive +10
Languages Espanean (common), Planar Common
Tiefling Racial Ability: darkness once/day at level 8 casting level
Wealth: 582 gold pieces, 75 platinum pieces, 10 gems worth 50 GP each, scimitar +1, shield, platemail +1, backpack, sheaf of planar maps, gate key to Chirak (aligned with portal in Corlione), Ring of Detect Magic 3/day, Potion of Invisibiity (1 dose)
Fiendish Fire Beetle (small, N, Init 0; AC 12/touch 11/ff 12; HP 7, Fort +2 Ref 0 Will 0; Resist fire and cold 5; Immune mind-affecting spells, Spd 30/fly 30; darkvision 60 feet; Melee: Bite +1 (1D4 damage), SQ luminescence

Etheri, Thalia and Tresanielle
   These three comely female tieflings delight in dressing in the finest dresses in fashion among the Naethlythian elves; they are more unusually demonic than normal, with cloven hooves beneath their dresses as well as tails and horns. They are personal agents of Galon Skord, and were raised from a young age by him to become efficient agents for his illicit Planar Acquisitions business.

Other Personalities of the Demi-Plane of Isnathar

Nezmeth the Outcast                                    CN Bone Devil
   Nezmeth is a bone devil who was accused of terrible unknown crimes in the Nine Hells, and fled to the isle of Isnathar specifically to escape his eternal punishment. He arrived in Port Draemen, where he dwelt on the streets for some time, unable to provide any useful job skills outside of killing, when he developed an unusual phobia of small creatures, specifically children, Halflings and other beings with disproportionately small hands and higher-pitched voices. After a terrible incident at the Sacred Wisdom Orphanage (which was subsequently shut down and is now said to be haunted) he was forced in to exile by the Chain Lord herself, who at once pitied him for being an aberration of his own kind (a chaotic being who lacked an evil soul) and yet could not forgive him for slaughtering an orphanage of innocents, even if it was out of sheer terror.
   Nezmeth now wanders the wastes of the island, and is somewhat of an authority on the isle as a whole, providing useful guidance to those in need. He lives in a hut built on the back of an immense, ancient animated lizard skeleton, which meanders across the island, usually near the shore, where he spends his days beach-combing and hunting for the exotic dog-sized trilobites and sea scorpions that wash ashore.

Scorion                                                                 NE Naelythian Elf rogue 7 eldritch blade 4
   Scorion is the notorious local lord of a mess of astral pirates, a mixed group of naelythians and other outcasts who are for various reasons very angry with the Astral Empire of the Naelythians. No one knows what Scorion’s personal anger stems from, though rumors abound that he is a bastard son to the emperor, or that his house was destroyed during the time of the Great Purge two centuries ago, when civil war rocked the empire in its formative years, to be squelched by the total destruction of the opposition. All anyone can say for sure is that Scorion seeks to do damage wherever he can.
   Most recently Scorion and his crew have taken up refuge in the mountains of Isnathar, and have developed a keen interest in the ruins and relics to be found upon the curious demi-plane. Exactly what he has up his sleeves remains to be seen, however.

Copyright 2011 by Nicholas Bergquist, all rights reserved

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