Saturday, February 15, 2014

Savage Worlds XV: Delta Pavonis System

We're over the hump! Just thirteen more to go....this time, a look into a corporatist paradise gone wrong....

Flushing out dissidents in Fury's scrapyards

Delta Pavonis

The Delta Pavonis system is noted for its long history of violence. This was the center of the old seat of power on the inhabited eighth world (dubbed Euryale)  in the Chasian League which was wiped out in the early colonial days during the First Interstellar War with the fadelik over the Chasian attempts at making setting up a slave trade. The result left the budding Chasian navy crippled and led to a social revolt (funded by fadelik agents) that led to the overthrow of the old Chasian fascist party.

Despite this conflict, Delta Pavonis as a system continued to grow and expand due to the lucrative resources on its thirteen worlds, and by 2600 it was the center of trade and activity in its region, with a thriving cluster of independent starports and a local libertarian form of government that strongly encouraged megacorporate development in the region. Delta Pavonis eventually integrated with the Federated Commonwealth but its local government continued to test the boundaries of that relationship; the severe influence of the megacorporations, especially World Dynamics Inc. (a major developer in terraforming technology), makes the issue of Federation law vs. local law a thorny one right up to the present (2900).

In recent years there have been a number of oppositional groups, dubbed terrorists by the local corporate media but considered heroes by the people who have risen up to strike back at the oppressive nature of the regime. The socialist party behind this movement is determined to dislodge the stranglehold the megacorporations have held on the ineffective libertarian government for centuries now, and try to get recognition from the larger stellar community. These groups get mixed reactions from the Commonwealth, as they consider the Federation to have turned a blind eye to what goes on in Delta Pavonis in the game of "keeping the peace." This has led to open guerrilla warfare in on Euryale. Aegis Division agents recently were asked to get involved when some guerrilla groups were found to be using what appeared to be illegal weaponry and armor from the Tetragon Union...

Euryale (Delta Pavonis VIII) 
Gavity: normal (.92 earth Gees)
Dominant Terrain: temperate forests, deserts, marsh/swamp (heavily developed world, though)
Atmosphere: normal but with heavy pollution
Population Density: very dense (3.9 billion)
Dominant Government: puppet libtertarian party with corporate-dominated interests (but it is a Federated Commonwealth coreworld)
Dominant Law: lenient (but totalitarian when the corporations get involved)
Spaceport: extensive; multiple spaceports managed by a dozen megacorporations
Technology Level: average for Commonwealth
Primary City: Argent (pop. 6.7 million)
Primary Civilian Spaceport: Delta X-Port


  1. I just wanted to let you know that I've really enjoyed these Savage Worlds Sci-Fi entries. Keep 'em coming!

    1. Thanks! I'm enjoying this, may have to do a "Month of..." for other genres with SW too,