Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Savage Space V: The Fadelik

Continuing 28 days of linked science fiction ideas for Savage Worlds. Next up....the fadelik!


Fadelik of the Procyon System

Fadelik (fah-day-lek) are an indigenous culture to Procyon star system, a modest binary star set with a small white dwarf; the planets are remarkably stable, and Procyon IX is the homeworld. Fadelik call it "Seerkaspa," their rough equivalent to Earth in their language though the word has very old religious meaning as well.

Physically Fadelik average about 1.3-1.5 meters in height, and are distinguished by their large ears and quadruple eyes. The fadelik are otherwise surprisingly humanoid in their physiology despite adapting from herbivores in Procyon IX's remarkably dangerous ecosystem. Fadelik are quick thinkers, fast runners and as they developed a civilized technological society they learned to corral and redirect predators, never having much cultural or biological stimulus toward violence.

Fadelik were already spacefarers when the first human colonials discovered them during the expansionist period of the pre-Federation explosion of humanity across the galaxy. The fadelik were able to sell and improve on the transitional drives used in the first human FTL ships. Thanks to the rather immodest nature of the fadelik and their remarkable humanoid physiology many humans took to the species for less then honorable means. An early incident with the colonies led to an attempted slave market, which spun out into the First Colonial War when the fadelik navy all but obliterated the Chasian League, once one of the more prominent exotic governments that tried to forge a union among the colonies. The fascist league was destroyed by the fadelik and new treaties insured no lawful organizations would try to exploit the fadelik, who had demonstrated that their own Expansionist Party in power at the time was more than capable of going toe to toe with young humanity.

When the Expansionist Party went out of style the fadelik government shifted to new directions and the Explorationist Party was formed. It was less than a decade in when with fadelik support the early human Federated Commonwealth was at last forged; fadelik were a founding party of the Federation.

Today, fadelik are known for their carefree nature, startling technical skills and mastery of cybernetics. Fadelik cybernetics are designed for their extremely complex nervous system, and can quickly burn out a normal human. Fadelik themselves have embraced cybernetics and transgenic augmentation as a way of life.

Fadelik Characteristics

Adaptive Nervous System: Fadelik nervous systems are much better at processing cybernetic modifications than other species. Fadelik calculate their strain threshold as being equal to their Spirit plus their Vigor.

Lighting Quick: Fadelik gain a base Pace of 8 and a running die of D8.

Agile: Fadelik begin with a D6 in Agility.

Gracile: Fadelik are slender and their bones are, while not hollow, nonetheless quite fragile by human standards. They have -1 to toughness.

Cautious and Pacifist: Fadelik evolved from a smaller more cautious herbivore which did not like to engage in battle. As such they gain Cautious (minor) and Pacifist (minor), defending only when it's a last resort. Fadelik mindsets toward violence are "isolate and corral threats, then seal them away" rather than eliminate by force.

Exceptional Vision: the four eyes of the fadelik provide excellent visual acuity. All fadelik start with Notice of D6.

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