Thursday, February 20, 2014

Savage Space XX: The Saurian Surivandi and Insectoid H'kuut

Up next: Savage Worlds provides great templates for a variety of default where do they fit into Savage Space??? Here are two examples...

The Saurians
Surivandi - The Saurians

Surivandi are an ancient spacefaring race, having been at it for nearly two thousand years now. They are a surprisingly peaceful species, despite their reputation for skill in battle. The Suri Coalition is the rough order their society managed and which has insured their dominance over nearly two hundred worlds. The Suri Coalition remains friendly with the Federated Commonwealth.

Although it is not popular, the researcher Dr. James Weston, an exobiologist who specializes in extinct species, claims he's seen skeletal evidence of an identical species on certain Coreward Expanse worlds. These remains appear to show up abrutly in the record, and no homeworld has been found. If he is proven correct, then this would suggest that the surivandi could be, in fact, an uplifted or engineered species.

H'kuut Insectoids
H'kuut - the Insectoids

There are seventeen known sentient species of insectoids or insectoid-like beings in the galaxy. The most prominent of these species is the H'kuut, a bizarre and exotic being which cummunicated via pheremonal release and a staggeringly sophisticated senses of smell.

The H'kuut have only settled three worlds, all within the Antares system itself, their homeworld. As it turns out, the H'kuut are remarkably slow breeders by insect standards, and also appear to be largely ageless; their species appears to have no natural limit on age, beyond the basic requirements of survival.

H'kuut are excellent philosophers and scientists, and thanks to complex "speech" recognition equipment it is possible for them to participate in the Commonwealth. The H'kuut, ever obsessed with unity and a collectivism that some humans find unhealthy, has thoroughly embraced the galactic scene.

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