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Savage Space XI: The Tetragon Union

And now for some more villains...

The Battle for Beta Reticuli
The Tetragon Union

During the early days of human expansion into space dozens of independent colonies and polities arose. In the first two centuries of expansion travel between stars, even with Transitional Drive took months or even years. For this reason most remote colonies had to be self-sustaining, and a strong sense of independence overwhelmed the colonies.

With the establishment of a treaty and alliance with the fadelik, the early Earth Union was able to dramatically improve their use of transitional drive; months became weeks, years became months. Despite this, it took two more centuries before humanity was properly united under the banner of the Federated Commonwealth.

There was one region of space which resisted this unification, however. Known as the Tetragon Sector, this region of space lay coreward, and was a collection of the fiercest and most remote colonies of humanity. The tets, as the slang came to be known, were noted for their willingness to augment themselves either transgenically or cybernetically to adapt to their environment. Tets, despite being genetically human, often looked little like their kin.

About two centuries ago in 2615 the tets, still independent by virtue of continuous rebellion and their remote location developed religion. A prophet known as Taurus began teaching a belief called sublimation, in which the believers felt that they were attaining a new form of spiritual and biological awakening as beings made of more than just flesh. It was not long after sublimation that the first true psychotechnics arose.

Psychotechnics were gifted in strange ways that were not obviously determined by science. The process was so tantalizing that citizens of the Federated Commonwealth tried to migrate to the Tetragon Sector to seek this practice out. It would be decades before Aegis infiltrator agents for the Commonwealth established that the participants in the Church of Sublimation were in fact being immersed in a thick solution containing what was believed to be a relic nanite from the Coreward Expanse Dead Worlds....and that this nanite was grafting to the hosts and tapping in to zero point energy itself, effectively creating quantum wormholes that syphoned energy out of the fabric of reality itself, perhaps even from neighboring universes.

The psychics of the Church of Sublimation had won the minds and hearts of the Tetragon Sector citizens. With such impressive talent given only to the faithful it was only a matter of time before Taurus (who seemed ageless) became leader of the colonies and proclaimed the Tetragon Union the dominant government in the sector. His army of potent psychotechnics were extremely persuasive to any colonies that still resisted in the sector.

Today not much is known of what goes on internally in the Tetragon Union, other than it's unusual blend of governmental libertarianism and religious fascism. The psychotechnic agents are a constant threat to the Federated Commonwealth and Aegis Division has an entire branch dedicated to rooting them out and stopping them before they learn too much or do too much damage. Multiple military engagements have proven futile; the military force of the Tetragon Union seems to have a form of clairvoyance on their side, as well as impressive weapons, possibly made from retrofitted tech stolen from the Coreward Expanse dead worlds. And Taurus....he still lives, ruling his people as a devout agent of the faithful, proclaiming that all tets must be vigilant to prevent the Federated Commonwealth from threatening their eternal peace...and of course, the sublimation.

Savage Space Notes on the Tets:

Tets are humans, but they can spend edges to reflect unusual transgenic modding, and the also favor cyberware mods. Tets may choose the Arcane Background (psionics) but if so they must also choose vow (major) to Sublimation, otherwise choose Enemy (major) Church of Sublimation if they joined and then left.

Psychometric Agent

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