Wednesday, February 26, 2014

13 Days of 13th Age in March!

Despite my ups and downs (but mostly ups) with 13th Age I've grown to really like this game. Hey...I had the same deal with Runequest II, back when it was first released! My first two or three sessions were rocky love/hate experiences with the combat system until we got in the swing of it and then it was all gravy from there. 13th Age had an even faster rebound, once I got the hand of it's specific tenets of balance and interaction.

Anyway, I noticed that there are 13 posting days for me in March (I post Monday, Wednesday and Friday traditionally; anything else is extra). I don't want to torture myself with another daily blog post run like I did with 28 Days in Savage fun as it was, getting that many interesting posts out daily can be a serious pain....but 13 days is my normal routine. And hey, it's 13! Nothing says "time to do 13 posts on 13th age" like having a month with 13 scheduled posting days.

So starting Monday March 3rd I'll be doing three weekly posts for the Month of March through the 31st on 13th Age. Not 100% sure how I'll do it yet....if it will be the 13th Age version of Lingusia that I focus on (which is what I am using for my current campaign) or if I will take this opportunity to invent a new setting, or simply post useful but generic stuff....but I like the theme, so I'm going with it.

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