Monday, February 10, 2014

Savage Worlds X: Mobile Cores

Next up: mech time! The mech below was built using the Savage Worlds Science Fiction Companion Mech system.

Gryphon Class MCHE0321
Mobile Cores

The backbone of the Federated Commonwealth's exploratory marines is the Mobile Core unit, a rough and tumble exosuit designed to handle almost any hostile environment from the depths of space to searing hot worlds. Mobile Cores are built to handle a range of weapons and extensions, tend to stand about 6-9 meters in height, and are also sold in stripped-down civilian versions which are used for mining, research and hauling.

A typical 9.5 meter tall Mobile Core exploratory marine unit looks like this:

Gryphon Class MCHE0321 - Mobile Core Heavy Exploratory Unit
Chassis: Heavy
Size 3, Armor +12, Mods 12 (0 free), Pace 4
Strength X3
Flight Pack
Magnetic Pads
Propulsion Jets
Targeting System
Two Weapon Mounts-Choose two of the following: Heavy Missile, Heavy Railgun, Minigun, heavy laser

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