Monday, September 16, 2013

30 Days of Dungeons & Dragons Day 16

Day 16: Favorite Aberration

Such a hard one to choose from! Beholders, Mind Flayers, Hook Horrors, Gibbering Mouthers, Neh-Thagglu.....well, there is one my players would suggest I am most fond of, though. And that one would be the...


It may have been because I liked the idea of a tentacled, beaked floating brain monster. Or maybe it was the idea of lighting-spear-toting colonial grell in Spelljammer, but I've used grell...a lot...over the years. In my heyday of miniatures collecting I could field forty grell on the map, easily.


  1. A 40 grell encounter, that'd be something to see!

    Preferably through a crystal ball. From far, far away.

    But so very cool.

    1. It was very brutal....grell are a really effective way to TPK an unwary party!