Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Feature! Ad Astra: A Traveller Setting

I started the Ad Astra campaign back in the early 80's....technically even earlier, as before I ever discovered RPGs I was an artistic kid (a skill that did not translate into adulthood) and drew a monumental number of "comic books" in my youth....I was constantly drawing comic adventures of Hannibal Harrigan, captain of the military and research ship "American Star" (which looked a bit like  a mile-long BSG Viper from the original series) and his never-ending fight against the predatory Praektor, the evil necro-marines under command of the vile Lord Belasco and many other bizarre tales. Then I discovered role playing games...and then I found Traveller, and my tales of space pulp adventure migrated to the world of gaming.

Anyway, over the years I built a weird sort of meta-plot arc that moved from campaign to campaign, albeit more slowly than my fantasy tales did. In time, I had run many games in several systems with the loose connection of being set on the same present and future Earth, charting its history over time. A few years ago I compiled this data into a rough campaign setting overview, which I recently adopted to Traveller. The whole of this setting's core material was printed in one of the recent PDFs of "The Sorcerer's Scrolls" (which I have since given up on; the name has been handed over to Jeremiah Griffin who wished to carry on the legacy).

With Ages of Lingusia winding down, I think its time to provide some SF fun via the over the next couple weeks I'll be serializing the assorted Ad Astra and other Traveller entries I have lying around; as I said before, most of this has seen print in TSS, but here you can get it in tasty bits for free. Look for episode one, tomorrow!

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