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Ages of Lingusia: Amazons in the Empire Era

Amazons (Vyrindians)
   The amazons of Vishannu dwell in the Vyrindian Mountains, eastward of the heart of the Jungles of Amech, where they thrive as a culture of warrior women. Amazons are highly coveted for their combat prowess, and often make their trade as professional mercenaries in the Middle Kingdoms.
   The Vyrindians are human women who have been called upon by Vishannu the dark god of war to serve him as living valkyries, foot soldiers in the mortal world serving his enigmatic ends. Over the centuries, Vishannu has changed from a fairly mysterious god of battle and cunning who is called upon for good luck and blessings by the generals of a conflict in to an almost Machiavellian entity, a deity who uses his followers in the mortal world to manipulate the nations of Lingusia in to war wherever possible.
   The amazons strive to achieve Vishannu’s goals while pursuing their own agendas as well. Amazon women spend years in an initiation ritual requiring that they travel the lands gaining experience as soldiers and mercenaries, learning of new combat arts and tactics, and finding especially powerful or unique weapons to eventually bring back to the sacred temple of Vishannu in the Vyrindian Isles. Once an amazon has completed her right of conquest, she is indoctrinated in the inner circle and becomes a true champion of Vishannu, after which she is then once more dispatched in to the world, usually with a mission to pursue a specific region where warfare is rife, to aid and abet one side or another with her advice and prowess, and to insure that the war drags on or that one side wins with glorious tactics and cunning.
   Most amazon PCs will be the younger ones on their right of quest, but a motivated player with an especially high level amazon could play a champion, but her overall mission and goal should be worked out accordingly, for she will refrain from activities which do not benefit her long term objectives.
Height: as a human
Weight: as a human
Languages: Vyrindian, middle tongue, and some usually know Belladasian, Hotepsalan, Eastron or draconian

Amazons Adventurers
   Amazons are human in size and appearance, but gain the following benefits:
Skill Bonuses: +2 Athletics, +2 Nature
Immortals: All Amazons are ageless. They mature at about age 25 and do not get older. Although they do not age, they are prone to disease, injury, poison, and all other forms of death.
Favored Classes: Amazons always choose martial classes or a combination of such. If an amazon chooses an arcane or divine class, then she must also multiclass with a martial class. They may also choose the barbarian, avenger and warden classes without having to multiclass.
Gender Bias: Amazon women have a -2 modifier to all diplomacy skill checks and savinging throws when dealing with men, as they are unused to men who are independent or in positions of power; conversely they see men as naturally inferior and gain a +2 intimidation modifier against males.
Martial Society: All amazons start with two free weapon proficiencies regardless of class. Fighters can use these for superior weapons; other classes can use these slots to add additional weapons to their repertoire of trained options.
Fierce Fighters: Amazons gain a free feat (as humans) to pick a useful martial feat.
Human Heritage: Descended from human stock, amazons gain one at-will power as humans do, chosen from their base class list(s).

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