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Ages of Lingusia: Languages of the Middle Kingdoms

Languages of Lingusia       

   Lingusia is home to a diverse range of dialects and languages, many harkening from ancient roots. Some species have languages shared universally by one another, and other species are given to as much linguistic diversity as humanity. In fact, the root of Lingusia comes from the idea "of many languages" in the Old Tongue.

   The “common” tongue of Lingusia is the Middle Tongue, closely followed by tradespeak, a language of common reference cobbled together by traders and merchants across the globe. Any character listed as knowing “common” is assumed to know one or both of these languages.
 Below is a chart of many fo the languages all characters can learn. Characters always have their native tongue as a base language, and some multilingual characters learn more than one, depending upon circumstance. There is at least one invented language as well, a sort of Esperanto called Tradespeak, which was created around the time of the founding of the Great Old Road, and while it has evolved dramatically over time, tradespeak remains the favored language of traders and merchants around the world. Anyone who speaks one of the common human tongues of Lingusia can communicate at least 30-50% of the time with a person who speaks tradespeak but no other common language. Likewise, a man who speaks tradespeak but not, say, one of the the Northern tongues can still speak to and understand a user of the northern tongue with 50% accuracy as well. The Merchant Houses of the Middle Kingdoms and the Eastern Kingdoms have conspired to make this so.
   Some of these languages are special. No character may begin play knowing Prehunate, which must be learned from a practiced student of the languages, and is never considered a class skill. Likewise, no character can pick a language for which no possible exposure could have occurred prior to the beginning of his or her adventuring career.
Bonus Language Rule: Because there are more than ten conventional languages in this setting, all characters may begin play with additional bonus languages equal to their Intelligence modifier (or none if negative).

A Sampling of the Languages of Lingusia

The Languages of Man:
Middle Tongue (common)
New and Old Galonian
Southern Tongue (Galvonari)
Eastern Tongue  (Zuedi)
Northern Tongue (Nordamani)
Steppelander’s tongue (no written language)
Northern Hettanari

Foreign Tongues:
Old Karaktuan
Mataclani Haxitol
Mataclani Talay
Neberanii (Gray Kingdom)

Old and Lost Languages:
Old Tongue (Arcane Script)
Ancient Middle Tongue (Holy Script)
Prehunate Script
Ancient Elvish Script
Abyssal and Infernal

Monstrous Languages:
Deep Speech
Goblin Tongue
Orcish (vandal)
Hidden Tongue (red orc)
Setiteese (serpent men)
Hashykirii (lizard man)
Draconic (Marlack, dragons)
Thargonid Trollish
Mihidir Trollish

Fey Languages:
Faerspeak (elvish)
Darkspeak (ashtarth)
Syllenic  (sylvan)
Dwarvish (Endurian)
Faerie Tongue

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