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Ages of Lingusia: Social Rank in the Middle Kingdoms

Social Rank in the Middle Kingdoms

   The following table can be used to determine a character’s starting social rank in Hyrkania, Octzel, Jhakn  and abroad. To determine starting rank, roll 1D20 and add the Charisma score of your character (at the time of creation). You gain a title in some instances, as well as a wealth modifier. Characters who choose not to roll are automatically assumed to be of no rank, landless commoners (X1 wealth modifier). Nonhumans may roll on this chart if desired to establish approximate rank within their own society, though modifications may have to be made based on culture as needed.

The Use of Titles in the Warlords of Lingusia
   Most titles in the Middle Kingdoms are placed between the proper and surname of the person. Thus, Duke Ruoso Aleric in the Middle Tongue vernacular would be Ruoso Gonn Aleric. This can make for some flash titles, but is not necessary to gameplay, being purely for extra flavor. You should either use the more conventional English titles in their proper English format or the Middle Kingdoms equivalents inserted between first and last name, whichever is more comfortable (or cool) to the moment.

Ranks and Titles in Galonia
   The Galonians use a similar ranking system, but with different titles based on their language’s own titles, derived from ancient Galonian. You can use the table below to establish equivalent rank in Galonia, but use the following titles in place:

Title / Galonian Title:
All Commoners: Thanes
Landed Gentry: Gazas
Lesser Knights:  Essars
Landless/Disgraced Knight: Adashas
Baronet: Sadin
Baron: Sahadar
Count: Vogan
Duke: Saraedar
Royal Duke: Kalian
Emperor/Pharaoh: Atrakar

   There are many other titles and formal means of address in the world of Lingusia. Some are derived from real-world systems, such as in Zued where the Arabic naming system is common, Caratea where the Greek method of governance and citizenship is active, or in Al’jhira where the East Indian caste system is present.

Social Rank Table:
1D20+Charisma Score / Result / Title / Wealth Bonus
01-20 landless commoner / -- X1/2
21-25 landed commoner / -- X1
26-28 landed gentry / Edan X2
29-31 lesser knight / Dann X2
32-34 landless or disgraced knight / Elas X1
35-37 baronet / Ser X2
38-39 baron / Vann X3
40-41 count / Drovann X3
42-43 Duke / Gonn X5
44+ Duke with royal lineage / Dei’Gonn X10
Beyond Starting PC Scope:
King / Elevasos     
Emperor / Dei’Elevasos

All text Copyright 2011 by Nicholas Torbin Bergquist, all rights reserved

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