Friday, November 18, 2011

Hackmaster Banner

Someone pointed this out to me, and I was suitably impressed. I have no idea if I should be impressed because it means I might be psychic, or fortuitous coincidence struck, or somebody over at Kenzer & Co. read one of my posts about why Hackmaster reek's of coolness (because that is a verbatim transcript of my case for it), but either way I have to share:

Although I haven't talked much at all about Hackmaster in my blog, it is one of the better fantasy RPGs out there. It manages to capture the "dungeons" and the "dragons" of fantasy adventuring extremely well, but in a way that is not actually derivative of the last two decades of iterative design...that is to say, it's like D&D going down a different evolutionary path. It's like humans are to chimpanzees--related, but only distantly and through a common ancestor (1st edition AD&D, in this case).

Someday I'll get to play (or run) Hackmaster Basic or its forthcoming deluxe edition books. The new Hacklopedia of Beasts is a very nice tome, and makes a great coffee table book at the very least until the Hackmaster PHB and DMG arrive on the scene. Unfortunately its very hard in my hometown to get anyone to stop playing Pathfinder for two seconds (but I do try). Someday, though!

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