Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Greg Stafford and Sandy Peterson return to Chaosium. Names taken, asses kicked apparently

Tenkar scooped this one from a Kickstarter post on the Horror on the Orient Express...which I had no idea was still in a "indeterminate fulfillment" stage but apparently it is (ironic considering I bought a retail big box and have it on my shelf). As always beware the backer. But...well, go over to Tenkar's Tavern and read the excerpt for yourself. Short version:

Greg Stafford is back as CEO and President of Chaosium.

Sandy Peterson is also back.

If you don't know who those two are, go read Designers & Dragons and mentally stick their names next to Arneson and Gygax (and if you don't know who THOSE two are, please resume playing Faraway Land or Mouse Guard or whatever you young scamps do on the computablets)

They are going to finish fulfilling the Horror on the Orient Express backer product that apparently is still log jammed somewhere (I did not know about that)

They are going to look deep into the heart of Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition and....rip it out? I have no idea. It's intriguing to wonder what's up. The 7th edition of CoC has been sitting on site as a PDF for a few months now, but no word on a print release. I guess Chaosium has had some money trouble....not really surprised....

Finally promises of returning to making awesome games. I hope BRP and Magic World remain on that list. Especially MW since I don't think they can extract Runequest 6 from the Design Mechanism. Or....can they? Who owns the RQ licensing again? Hmmmmm.....


  1. Moon Design owns RuneQuest, and they license it to Design Mechanism.

    1. Moon Design would be the source of any such lisencing then. Okay....honestly RQ6 is in good hands so not a concern. Still, curious to see what Greg/Sandy do now.