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Watchers of the Sullen Vigil: the Emon Mage Silagastar Hesteros, cursed by fire (S&W)

Wednesday included a new introduction to the land, races and demi-humans of Sarvaelen. Among those options were the Emoniae, a sort of "ancient decadent magical human race" ala Melniboneans who have dabbled with the elemental lords for so long that many of their kind are at risk of elemental taint. What follows is one example of such, an ancient Emon mage named Silagastar Hesteros, who wanders the lands looking for a way to end his fiery curse before he transforms into a true elemental....

Silagastar Hesteros
Emon male, Neutral, age 76, Magic-User Level 17
STR 6, DEX 11, CON 10, INT 18, WIS 15, CHA 16
Languages Known: Aeronistic, Atlenar, Iandei, Emon, elvish, orcish, elemental tongue
HP 34 (11D4+6 HD), SAVE 5, AC 2 [17] (Bracers of Defense), To Hit Bonus +7
Magical Weapon: Staff of Power
Spells Prepared:
1st Level (6/day): charm person, detect magic, magic missile, read magic, read languages, sleep
2nd Level (6/day): ESP, invisibility, levitate, mirror image, web(X2)
3rd Level (6/day): clairvoyance, dispel magic, fireballX2, protection from normal missiles, suggestion
4th Level (5/day): charm monster, dimension door, hallucinatory terrain, wall of fireX2
5th Level (5/day): Cloudkill, Conjuration of Elementals, Contact other Plane, TelekinesisX2
6th Level (5/day): Control Weather, Disintegrate, Monster Summoning IVX2, Stone to Flesh
7th Level  (2/day): Delayed Blast Fireball, Reverse Gravity
8th Level (2/day): Clone, Mass Charm

Elemental Taint of the Emon: Silagestar has developed a deep level of elemental affinity in his tainted bloodline for the plane of fire. He has manifested the following traits:
1st Taint (5th level): reddish glow on skin in the form of elemental runes of fire; elemental fire resistance
2nd Taint (6th level): the spells magic missile, invisibility and web now have fire elemental traits (web manifests for one round, deals 1D6 fire and burns up; magic missiles are now fire instead of force, and invisibility works but he radiates infrared heat and can be seen by creatures who can see such)
3rd Taint (8th level): fiery skin (1D6 damage on touch); also burns garments worn, can only wear metal or fire resistant clothing
4th Taint (9th level): cosmetic trait (eyes are now fiery orbs)
5th Taint (11th level): the spells charm person and mirror image have fire elemental taint (charm person: target is wreathed in fire, immune to themselves but deals 1D6 on touch; mirror image: mirror images are wreathed in fire and deal 1D6 fire damage if touched)
6th Taint (14th Level): may summon an 8HD fire elemental 1/day for 1 hour
7th Taint (15th Level): manifested as an extraplanar fire elemental; body and flesh are fire.
8th Taint ( 16th Level): hallucinatory terrain and control weather gain fire elemental traits (hallucinatory terrain appears to manifest as the plane of fire; control weather manifests as a firestorm starting forest fires)
9th Taint (17th level): ability to plane shift to elemental plane of fire at will

Silagastar Hesteros is a wandering mage of Emon, tainted by elemental fire. He is ancient as human-kin go, and at 76 he has all but manifested as a full elemental. He sees his touch of fire as a curse placed on him by the Elemental Lord Erasak, and is questing to find a temple to the old god Grotares, for he found a lost Camrinal text which suggested that the deity could purify both body and spirit in a remote spring in the northern mountains. Location of this spring has eluded him, however.

Silagastar wears bracers of protection and swathes himself in rough leathers from hell hounds to contain his fiery emulsion. He travels far at times, looking for earthen and stone beds to lie upon for sleep, to insure he does not awaken in the morning to a raging grassfire around him. Silagastar carries few non-metallic items for most cannot survive constant contact. He does keep a coin purse of 100 platinum pieces and he wields a thin metal Staff of Power.


Silagastar has some unusual traveling companions. In addition to his fire elemental (8 HD) which he can summon that he has dubbed “Charcoal Maker” he keeps a loyal companion and bodyguard in the form of the fire giant Khomostagar, whose life Silagastar once saved. He also has a hellcat he has named “Good Kitty” for a loyal pet companion.

Khomostagar the Fire Giant (HP 57, AC 4[15], Attacks 1 immense metal maul (5D6), move 12, Save 4, AL chaotic, XP Val 12,000; special: hurl boulders, immune to fire)

“Good Kitty” the Hellcat (HP 36, AC 5[14], attack 1 bite (2d^), and 2 claws (1D4+1), move 12, Save 9, AL chaotic, XP Val 1,100; special: hit only by magical weapons, 20% MR). Good Kitty wears two magic items: The Collar of the Cunning Beast (grants INT 13 to an animal intelligence creature) and has been permanently granted fire immunity by Silagastar.

Charocal Maker the 8HD fire elemental (HP 36, AC 2[17], attack 1 strike (3D8), move 12, Save 8, AL neutral, XP Val 1,100; Special: ignite materials, immune to all non-magical weapons)

All of the above can be found in “Monstrosities.”

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