Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pathfinder Online now offers $0 entry and 15 Day Free Trial

Goblinworks just announced the change in their approach to accessing Pathfinder Online. Now you can try the game out at zero cost for a 15 day trial and there is no purchase price. This is a smart move; the market is so flooded with Unity-Powered games of quality ranging from "okay" to "induces blind rage at how bad it is" that it's a good idea to demonstrate your product so people can judge it for what it is and not what it's competition looks like.

That said, I have had my reservations about Pathfinder Online, and doubt it could be worth a regular subscription price....but thanks to the 15 day trial I can find out first-hand whether these suspicions are true or not. Considering some of the awful stuff I've been trying lately, it can't possibly be any worse...right?

I'll report back once I've had an opportunity to actually play it.

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