Saturday, June 13, 2015

Iron Falcon Print Edition

My print copy of Iron Falcon arrived today (via and I just wanted to comment that it's a really nice book, very clean and the absence of internal art does not hurt it in the least. The cover is an amazing white-on-black piece that is perfectly evocative of a 1975 retroclone.

As I continue to mess around with it I grow increasingly interested in the idea of running a straight-up Iron Falcon game for my players. I may pitch this to my Saturday group next week.


  1. Thanks for the kind words, again! I have to admit, when I created Iron Falcon I hadn't expected it to be so much fun to play... I've become accustomed to "more refined" rules, and honestly going back to the raw old fashioned way of playing once in a while is a blast!

    I'm also glad you like the cover. It was done for Iron Falcon by Alexander Cook, who has also done a bunch of art for the Basic Fantasy Project. But this is the only one where he sent me the original artwork... he is one cool guy, besides being a great artist.

    1. I'm going to need art for my next book soon....I may need to contact Alexander and see if he's available/interested.