Friday, June 5, 2015

Lost Lands still lost; Frog God cultists need to pray for improved inventory and shipping controls

I was very excited today as my Swords & Wizardry editions of Lost Lands: Stoneheart Valley, Lost City of Barakus and Sword of Air were scheduled to arrive. Alas, only Stoneheart Valley was actually for S&W, the other two were for Pathfinder....also known in this neck of the desert these days as "that thing we played while we waited for  a real D&D to come out."

The Frog Gods are awesome and I have to thank Krista for her work in sorting things out, but they definitely need some organization/inventory management, especially since I bet they have an escalation of sales thanks to all the special offers they are pumping out these days. I'm still waiting for a couple other books from last month (Tome of Horrors Complete for S&W and a print copy of The Tome of Adventure Design) and suspect that someone else may have received them in error. A couple months ago I ended up with a bonus copy of Razor Coast, too....not a cheap book.

Soon now, hopefully, I will have a complete set of The Lost Lands in the S&W format once this shipping error is corrected. I plan on starting a campaign in the grandest old school tradition once it's all actually here....although with Stoneheart Valley I think I have enough to get the ball rolling (plus I always had Tomb of Abysthor, which is part of the book, as one of my favorite D20 era Necromancer Games modules).

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