Tuesday, January 28, 2014

FPS Warriors Bundle and some free Steam Keys

The FPS Warriors Bundle 2 over at Bundle Stars is going on and there are 8 decent FPS games (well, some of them) for $3.98. Hard to resist....but problem is I have a few already.

So! If you do not happen to have any of these, please help yourself:

Hard Reset Extended Edition | Steam Key: TPJE2-7XPI2-XVBFD 
   A traditional shooter involving cyberpunks vs. a robot revolution. Good graphics and gameplay but light plot. 

Zeno Clash | Steam Key: NXJN3-30ZYE-AD9CJ 
   Crazy FPS melee-combat based weird fantasy adventure, worth the experience if you've never tried it before. 

Chaser | Steam Key: 5BBEG-ZXBRJ-I4MQF
   An "older school" FPS with a tough learning curve but interesting story, if you can survive the difficulty. Runs well on lower end machines (I played it long ago on my old Acer Netbook)

Would love to hear who succeeds in nabbing these in the comment section! Or do what I did and just buy all these keys for less than a latte and distribute the extra codes to worthy souls...

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