Monday, May 1, 2017

Gods of Enzada VII: Neparic Gods

Neparic Pantheon

Yen’yuma                         Maiden of Thought
True Neutral      Neparese Spirit
   One of many Neparese spirits, this one being the mistress of the mind and spiritual peace.

O’kigana                          Lord of Valor
Lawful Good      Neparese Spirit
   The patron spirit of samurai and the noble clans, embodiment of the code of honor of Nepar.

Malagontir                      Lord of Blades
Chaotic Neutral               Neparese Spirit
   The chief spirit of combat and prowess in battle, regarded as a force almost and not merely a spirit.

Ositro                               Lord of Kings
Lawful Neutral  Neparese Spirit
   The civic spirit and patron of the Shogun himself, Ositro is the “spirit of the land” as well as kings. Ositro is worshippe only by the high lords and the clan of the shogun himself; reverence among the lower classes is unheard of and punishable by death (the lower classes may worship the shogun, instead).

Wen’dathan                    Lord of Beasts
Chaotic Neutral               Neparese Spirit
   Wen’dathan is the spirit of beasts and tricksters, a curious entity which manifests in the form of many animals and is said to walk the lands of Nepar causing trouble and strife where it can.

Thaven                             The Silent Blade
Lawful Evil          Neparese Spirit
   Thaven is the neparese spirit of assassination, a key patron figure for the assassin cults of that land. The assassin cults of Nepar are prolific and an important part of local politics, insuring that most conflicts between the honor-obsessed Neparese nobles are resolved through quiet and brief assassinations instead of open warfare. Thaven is popularly believed to be male, but among the secret cults it is said that thaven is a shapeshifter and appears as a female in much of the iconography.

Terenosh                          Keeper of the Hunt       
Chaotic Good    Neparese Spirit
   One of the divine spirits of Neparese lore, Terenosh is the spirit of the hunt, revered by huntsmen throughout the land, a spirit to whom offerings are paid in exchange for success.

The Three Hundred and Thirty Three Rabbits
Various Alignments;Animistic Spirits of Nepar
   Most of the spirits of Nepar are regarded as lesser spirits, commonly called the Three Hundred and Thirty Three Rabits, though actual priests of the land say there are an endless number. These are the spirits of the common objects, animals, tools and elements, each one actually a number of spirits which embody those items and insure they are healthy. When an item or creature loses its spirit, misfortune or destruction is sure to follow.

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