Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Star Trek: Discovery

In contrast to The Orville, which is a comedy spoof on Star Trek (and extremely recognizable as such), we also have Star Trek: Discovery, which I know is intended to serve as a series taking place ten years before the original series, but....dang it feels like a real reboot more than anything.

Here it is:

The only really recognizable creatures are the Vulcans. Almost everything else appears designed to give Star Trek a facelift that makes the JJ Abrams movies look positively frugal by comparison.

I mean.....those Klingons.....very interesting. I guess the question becomes: are these Klingons some other subspecies, some offshoot, or the new official look? Trek does like to do this to Klingons every few series, but the newest look is about as out there as you can get and still call them Klingons.

It makes me want to drag out Starships and Spacemen, and every time someone rolls for weird alien headbumps (regardless of roll) tell them they are Klingons!

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