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Gods of Enzada VI: The Mazadrani Pantheon

The Mazadrani Pantheon

Priagas                             The Contemplative
True Neutral      Mazadrani Deity
   The Mazadrani are worshippersof the ancestral dead, and each deity in their land is regarded as an ancestor who gained enlightenment in the afterlife of the spirit realm. Priagas is regarded as the first such enlightened ancestor, and his cults of knowledge are widespread throughout the land.

Sheledentan                    Hubris
Chaotic Good    Mazadrani Deity
   Hubris is an important concept among the warrior cults and warlords of Mazadran, and Sheledentan is often invoked to remind those warriors of their own failings.

Selestar                            The Sky
True Neutral      Mazadrani Deity
   The god of the sky is regarded as a Mazadrani deity that predates the current Mazadran empire and may be an ancient god from an older time, a creator figure of old. He has been thoroughly integrated with the modern ancestral worship practices however, and is regarded as the father of Priagas.

Envirol                              The Sun
True Neutral      Mazadrani Deity
   Envirol is seen by some as another aspect of Sol Invictus in Selindar, but Mazadan worshippers regard this ancestral god as the first true king to ascend to godhood, and become the embodiment of light. They harshly reject the entire Selindari “super pantheon” of the rest of the Hub of Etyri.

Hamath                            The Earth
Neutral Good    Mazadrani Deity
   This is the god of the earth, regarded as a patron of the common farmers of the land.

Pallec The Fire
Neutral Evil        Mazadrani Deity
   The god of fire is regarded as a mildly malevolent spirit of the lands of Mazadran, to be feared more than worshipped.

Sortor                               The Air
Chaotic Good    Mazadrani Deity
   The god of the air is actually regarded as a benevolent deity, albeit arbitrary and prone to accidental death due to the temperament of the weather. Appeasement for good rains and no storms are common. Sortor is also regarded as the god of men.

Inume                               The Water                      
Chaotic Good    Mazadrani Deity
   The water goddess doubles as goddess of women and childbirth.

Priullan                            The Spirit
Neutral Good    Mazadrani Deity
   The god of the spirit is a strange one in Mazadran, who recognize the spirit world of the In-Between, and feel that Priullan, the first mortal scholar to study that realm and subsequently perish, became its patron and serves as guide to those mages who seek to plumb its secrets.

Shegraeth                        The Terror
Chaotic Evil        Mazadrani Deity
   There is one old king of Mazadran, a terrible warlord known as Shegraeth who is believed to have ascended in death and become a god. Shegraeth is the embodiment of death, terror and the out-of-control potential for man at his worst.

The Ascended Kings      
Various Alignments         Demiurges

   Every Mazadrani king must prepare for an afterlife in which he is tested and, if he passes, he ascends to the ranks of lesser godhood. Not all kings make it, and the priesthood dedicated to this process has an enigmatic method of determine who did and did not. Of the last One hundred and seventy three Mazadrani kinds, only fifty three are said to have ascended. This priesthood is engrained in Mazadrani society, and this prospect of true deification in the afterlife is part of the reason the land remains torn between powerful warlord, all seeking the coveted title of King of Kings to gain the right of ascension. Indeed, it is not uncommon in Mazadran for a warlord to sieze the throne, be anointed by the priesthood, and then seek death in mortal combat (taking one’s own life exempts that person from the ascension) specifically to initiate the challenge ascension.

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