Monday, May 29, 2017

Races of Enzada V: Kandathra

Kandathra: the Lizardfolk
   The Kandathra portend to have been the oldest sentient species of the world long before humanity rose from its simian ancestry, The Kandathra believe they were born from a dream out of the mind of the Chimera, which they revere as their creator figure.

   Kandathra are found all over the world, and they are a regular menace to most of humanity. Some lizardfolk are distinctively humanoid, with only a tail, scales and serpentine or lizardlike head to distinguish their bestial nature. Others are more beastly in nature, looking closer to hunched walking predatory reptiles. The most notorious of the Kandathra are the runners, fast-loving therapods with keen natural instincts and saurian predatory natures, a danger even to the more humanoid lizardfolk.

Traits: Conventional lizardfolk of the most humanoid variety are suitable as player characters. They are typically six to seven feet in height and have distinct crocodillian heads, long tails, heavy green to dusky black scales and heavy claws.

Attributes: +1 STR.

Racial Skills: proficiency in Stealth or survival.

Base Move: 30 feet; Therapod Kandathra gain Move 40 feet

Keen Sense of Smell: Kandathra gain a new sense called Scent, which allows them to identify and locate creatures by smell alone in a 50’ radius.

Natural Attacks: Kandathra can bite and claw, with the following serving as natural basic attacks. Both are considered light:

Bite (natural attack, 1D6+Str damage)
Claws (natural attack, 1D8+Str damage)

   Kandathra can learn monstrous feats that aid them in the use of their natural attacks although they do not start with any such feats.

Language Limitations: Kandathra have difficulty speaking non-reptillian languages and understanding mammalian visual queues. Kandathra get disadvantage on insight, persuasion and performance skills related to foreign languages and cultures. They also gain disadvantage when attempting to be understood when speaking humanoid languages other than their native Kandathric, contemporary draconic  and the lost dragon tongues, or when attempting skills that require use of other languages.

Therapod or Anthropomorph: Choose one when determining subtype. Therapods gain and additional +1 to STR (for a total of +2) and a +10’ movement bonus and advantage on  athletics checks when long jumping.  Anthropomorphs gain +1 to Dex, a Swim speed of 40’ and a natural armor class of 12 (with no Dex limit) due to thick scales. This armor bonus does not stack with other worn armor but does stack with dexterity and magical armor modifiers.

Favored Professions: hunter, shaman, tribesman