Monday, May 1, 2017

Reporting In!

As some may recall, I mentioned I'd prepped a load of blogs to run over the coming month or two while I was deeply immersed in work. This is obviously ongoing! Enzada is getting lots of blog attention as a result. Once it's over there are some more interesting D&D blogs "in the can."

Meanwhile, I'm working my arse off and have somehow still managed to find time on most of my gaming nights to continue running....albeit, with a caveat toward keeping people on D&D where I happen to have a nearly endless fountain of material prepped and ready to go.

I mean....just in my Realms of Chirak folios alone I realized I had six full fledged campaigns ready to rock and roll.

Anyway, the groups are now rotating between ongoing campaigns. Wednesday has an Enzada game one week and a "Lingusia's Western Isles of Nakamura and Mataclan" exploratory campaign, while Saturday is now rotating between a level 16-17 ongoing Lingusia campaign set in Cretea and a new level 1 exploratory adventure in Chirak which is designed to take two years and carry everyone --most likely--to level 20.

Traveller got in to the mix briefly for various and sundry reasons but my lack of time to prep for the campaign has us keeping it on hold until some time in June. Sure, you can run Traveller as a procedural game by rolling through the book.....but it's honestly not as fun as exploring a subsector the referee has had time to properly flesh out and spruce up with some carefully designed plots and events.

Anyway.....just a status report....!

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