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Secrets of Enzada: Patron and Antagonist Gods

One concept I worked up both to emphasize how cosmopolitan Enzada's beliefs were, and how influential they could be was the concept of astrological signs which have a measurable impact on the daily lives of mortals. This manifests in the form of a patron deity who wants you to succeed, and an antagonist deity who wants you to fail....more on the pantheons soon!

The Divine Aspects: The Patron and Antagonist Deities of Enzadan Astrology

Enzadans believe strongly in the fates and the whims of the gods and spirits as having a direct impact on the destiny of a person. Each person in Enzada has a patron deity and an antagonist deity. Characters can roll at time of creation on the above chart. If the character rolls the same number twice then the character is “special” to that god in an unusual way.
   Characters who wish to roll from the alternate deity table for a patron and antagonist may do so, but must make a DC 15 Charisma check to demonstrate that they are sufficiently interesting to have attracted attention from more than the “Big Gods.”

Story Benefit: in situations where the deity might have an influence either favorably or negatively, then events will tend to go for or against the character in some subtle (and occasionally not so subtle) fashion.

Mechanical Benefit: A number of times per day equal to the character’s Charisma modifier (minimum 1), when the player feels that he is doing something that will benefit him he may call upon a favor from his patron; this typically calls for a DC 12 Will save, to demonstrate sufficient strength of character to gain the favor. The favor will typically grant advantage or a +2 bonus. If the attempt fails by 5 or more, then the antagonist god intervenes (usually with disadvantage or a -2 penalty).

Inspiration: When a character engages in an action that is especially compelling (i.e. it either provokes the antagonist deity or pleases the patron deity) he may gain inspiration immediately.

Secondary Deities of Elinzada

This list is ever expanding, but what follows are a sample from which to choose patron and antagonist deities that are not the principle gods of the Hub (see the earlier chart). Note that while each of the principle deities has a constellation of stars dedicated to them, each of the following gods has only a single star in their name (although some deities on this list once had one or more constellations to claim in eras past, when they were more important).

Hub Deities by Domain and Alignment:
# God Name      Symbol               Dominion           Domains
1 Sol Invictus          Sun                           Heavens                  Death, Destruction, Fire, Repose, Sun, Weather
2 Amadanthus         Shield                      Outer Darkness     Darkness, Death, Glory, Madness, Strength, War  
3 Sippurta               Venus Figure         In-Between            Charm, Community, Earth, Healing, Liberation
4 Drod                     Starscape                In-Between            Air, Darkness, Nobility, Weather
5 Utalos                   Skull                         Outer Darkness     Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Evil, War
6 Mimbrata            Coin                         Heavens                  Artifice, Law, Luck, Nobility, Rune
7 Yganon                 Fire                           In-Between            Artifice, Fire, Knowledge, Liberation
8 Pytharos              Serpent                   In-Between            Animal, Earth, Good, Healing, Knowledge, Magic
9 Emachus              Storm cloud           In-Between            Air, Rune, Strength, Travel, Water, Weather
10 Navasar             spear                       In-Between            Death, Glory, Protection, Repose, Strength, War
11 Etyri                   Northern Star        In-Between            Charm, Community, Good, Law, Nobility, Travel
12 Natyne              Scroll of Wisdom  In-Between            Community, Healing, Knowledge, Magic, Rune
13 Chashar             Open palm             In-Between            Charm, Liberation, Luck, Protection, Travel, Trickery 
14 Gormash           Great Toad             Outer Darkness     Animal, Chaos, Earth, Evil, Strength, War  
15 Yazda                 Sword                      Heavens                  Air, Artifice, Protection, Rune, War
16 The Chimera    Octopus                  Outer Darkness     Animal, Chaos, Evil, Madness
17 Grasping Claw Claw                         Outer Darkness     Death, Destruction, Madness, War
18 Miradaka          Burning Eyes          In-Between            Goddess of Death and Gloom, Mistress of the In-Between
19 Umbras             Shadows                 In-Between            God of Shadows and Corruption; an undead god
20 Elinzada             Healing Hand        In-Between            Goddess of life, peace, community and love

Master Deity List (Primary Deities and Secondary Deities):
D100     Deity

1 Khashtaagrat
2              Enue
3 Shoes
Four Vdrdsha
5              Sitra
6 Yakaska
7 Wachan'Hular
8              Hanar the Bloody
9              Golgotha
10 Tenadrus
11 Priogar
12 Sumesthenes
13 Terenosh
Nominated three times Yspa Rukr
15 Thaven
16 Yappas Makurin
Seventeen Triktvr
18 Shadan Hatail
19 Sukavese
20 Wadan Should
21 Vakarial
22 Terengor
23 Hythera
Twenty-four Jupalis
Ota playing twenty-five
26            Yen’yuma
27 O'kigama
28 Malagontir
29 Ositro
30            Wen’dathan
Thirty-one Islks
32            Merestor
33 Murga
34 Yhodan
35            Merciless
36 Bayern
37 Warast
38 Ulgados
39 Palitonius
Forty Jms
41 Mereska
42 Drumia
43 Faragian
44 Ikathras
45 Saradan Tenor
46 Oolgam
47            Gravenor
48 Saw Will
On 49 Nenok
50 Enan Tyra
51 Priagas
52 Sheledentan
53            Selestar
54            Envirol
55            Hamath
56 Pallec
57            Sortor
58 inum
59 Priullian
60 Shegrath
61            The Ascended Kings
62 Azan Scatter
63-64 Sol Invictus
65-66 Amdanthus
67-68 Sippurta
69 trod
70-71 Utalos
72-73 Mimbrata
74-75 Yganon
76-77 Pytharos
78-79 Emachus
80-81      Navasar
82-83 Etyri
84-85 Natyne
86-87 Chashar
88-89 Gormash
90-91 spring
92-93      The Chimera
94-95 Yemash'Hatal
96-97 Miradaka
98 shadows
99-00 Elinzada

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