Friday, July 31, 2015

Savage Worlds vs. BRP for Pulp Action

I ran part one of a two-part BRP Astounding Adventures game Wednesday. The session was fun, but I realized as I was playing that there are, in fact, other systems that will do pulp better than BRP, and with more bells and whistles. Specifically: Savage Worlds.

Don't get me wrong...Astounding Adventures is a great resource. But if you believe that system can support play, then it's a no brainer: the Fast! Furious! Fun! methodology of Savage Worlds works best for pulp action, no question about it.

After we wrap the second session on this, I'm going to suggest we jump over to Savage Worlds. It's's built to handle the kind of high octane madness pulp can dish out. BRP can do it, sure....but it's just not quite as bang-em-up as I know Savage Worlds can be.

Hmmmm....maybe I'll have my players convert mid-session. Must ponder.....

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