Monday, July 27, 2015

Demon Bone Armor for Dungeons & Dragons 5E

Demon Bone Armor
Uncommon (+1), Rare (+2), very rare (+3), requires attunement
Armor Type: any heavy

The demon bone armor looks like black lacquered plate mail, composed of ebon demon bones gathered on the fields of battle where dark fiends were summoned and defeated. The wearer of the suit may use a reaction to gain resistance against fire and necrotic damage for 1 minute (this ability may be used once per day). In addition, the demon bone armor can greatly enhance the damage the target deals. The bearer of the armor may expend one or more hit dice when dealing damage. The hit dice are rolled like normal but added to the damage total as bonus necrotic damage. Hit dice expended in this fashion are harder to recover; at the end of an extended rest the armor wearer must make a DC 13 Constitution save or the hit dice cannot be recovered at that time and he must wait until another extended rest to try again.

Demon bone armor seeks to subvert the soul of its wearer as well. If the attuned warrior wearing the armor ever is reduced to zero hit points and has no hit dice left for the day, then when making death saves each failure counts twice; if the warrior dies, the armor consumes him and shift to the Abyss, where the warrior's soul is converted into a lower order demon (or better if the DM sees fit).

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