Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Troll Lords having a 50% off Print Sale for 7 Days

Castles & Crusades, I just can't quit you. A lot of stuff has gone on with C&C since I stopped regularly collecting it, including a beautiful full-color Monsters & Treasures, Codex Nordica, Codex Celtarum, Rune Lore and a hard-cover edition of the Haunted Highlands Setting, which is the compilation of some of my favorite modules for D&D and it's offspring.

Now they are having a sale. It's very convenient, as I seem to have bought everything Frog God Games has to offer and suddenly the Troll Lords show up with a 50% off print editions sale....and it's 50% off of the total order, fer gods' sakes!!!! Even the C&C Starter Pack, which includes the newest editions of the core books, 50% off the already discounted price.*

So yeah I bought a lot of stuff there, including Town of Kalas, Bluffside, new editions of the existing C&C books, and a medley of other stuff. Wanted to get all the modules but even at the discount it started pushing up into my "excessive madman" zone so I backed off. A bit.

Madness, I tell you!!!!

*They're making room for all the C&C updated Castle Keeper's Guides coming in, the glorious color 2nd printing. I am curious if they have done any revisions to the new version....not enough to bite just yet, will wait until the print version is available for purchase. does this mean I'm going to be ping-ponging between wanting to run D&D 5E, S&W Complete AND C&C again? This is why I tried quitting C&C in the first place!!!

This is the only hobby (well, that I know of) which manages to get me to keep buying the same stuff over and over again. 

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