Saturday, July 11, 2015

Batman v Superman Comic Con Trailer - confidence restored

The first Batman v Superman trailer was bleak, vague and released against the second Star Wars VII trailer, not a smart move. The new one is much, much better and I am really keen on this movie now;

Eager to see how Wonder Woman factors in, still no sign of Aquaman but I am under the impression he will appear at some point....given this spins out of the Man of Steel movie, and the Batman of this new shared DC cineverse may or may not have any connection to the Snyder Batman films....let's just say as much as I've been enjoying Marvel's movie outings, this one is what I really want.


  1. Snyder didn't do the Batman films. Chris Nolan did. :)

    I don't want to be interested in this one. Mainly because I have an unreasoning dislike of Ben, but also because Man of Steel was such a let down (too dark and grim). That being said, this one looks interesting, if for no other reason than because it feeds off of the events in MoS.

    1. It's a tough case....Man of Steel was very divisive, with people loving or hating it (I admit, I loved it), so the movies going forward all spring from that. I've also been an "Okay with Affleck" guy and even thought he was fine in Daredevil, although that wasn't a great movie for other reasons.....