Monday, July 27, 2015

Primeval Thule for 5E Kickstarter

Here's one I think I really do need to back. From Sasquatch Studios, the recent producers of the Princes of the Apocalypse campaign module for D&D 5E, Primeval Thule is a pulp fantasy lost-world sort of setting, lavishly illustrated and well worth checking out. I have seen the Pathfinder edition which a friend of mine received as a backer, and I heard they had a 13th Age version that was released to mixed reviews, but the 5E edition looks gorgeous and has some great content.

Check out ENWorld's sample monster pages here. I'm ready to start using beast men right now, and love the style and format shown here:

Anyway, I think my risk-aversion to Kickstarters is overcome by Sasquatch's prior work for WotC, which is actually a pretty decent module I may well run soon. Their record of success is demonstrable and at the $75 level I get a print hard cover in addition to the PDFs so count me in. Most important of all, though, is that when the KS clears I will actually have discretionary income for frivolity that is not earmarked for something important! That, right there more than anything, is why I can back this.

Anyway....22 days to go as of this posting.


  1. I'm really torn here. I wen all in on the first Kickstarter and have the setting for 4E, Pathfinder and 13th Age. I'd get the most use out of 5E, but I'm not sure I won't wait until it winds itself into distribution.

    1. I'm perplexed too about the KS....all the entries for the one which includes the GM screen are booked, for example (75 cap) which seems they are only producing 75 GM screens? I was all for that one if they'd offer it, seems weird to limit that one. Anyway, I'm in agreement that in general it seems to be smarter to wait for the finished product, especially if you have the other versions already.

  2. Quick answer on the GM Screens: We're really supplies-limited on that one. We have a small number left over from our previous print run. Getting more involves placing an order from a printer in China (no one in the US prints in that format). We're checking now to see whether we can get more made at a reasonable price.

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    1. Thanks for the information! I would be very happy to upgrade if the GM Screen becomes available.

      Either way, very excited about this book.