Friday, July 24, 2015

Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide Announced

It looks like we will have another hardcover book for D&D 5E in November: The Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide. From the description, this book serves several purposes:

A Forgotten Realms tome of the Sword Coast region

A player's companion with new options for all classes (FR flavored, I am guessing)

A tie-in to the Sword Coast CRPG that will likely be in full swing by that time

Either way it's good to see a book from WotC that isn't a super-adventure, if only because I don't know how many more super adventures I could buy that I have no intention of running.

Check out the announcement here. It's going to retail for $39.95 and will be out 11/3/15.


  1. I've been playtesting this material and I'm pretty enthused about it.

    1. Good to hear! I'm very keen to see what is available, hoping the rules content is easy to port into other settings....although that said, the Sword Coast region of FR is the one area of the world I know well and have interest in, so eager to see what it looks like in the current FR era.

  2. Looks interesting! I'm a fan of the Sword Coast region. And I readily admit that this is mainly because of the Baldur's Gate and Icewind Dale CRPGs from ~15 years ago (recently rereleased in 'expanded editions'). I have a lot of nostalgia for those games.