Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Pulp adventuring: Astounding Adventures kicks off tonight

My Wednesday group has reached an intermission in the ongoing D&D 5E campaign so they are about to embark on a BRP Astounding Adventures game....once it's done and over I'll have some pulp-era adventures to post on the blog. It's been interesting prepping for the game, and I wanted to comment that the adventure generator tool in Astounding Adventures is really handy. It's also sparked my interest in seeing what the second printing and additional books for the Amazing Adventures (SIEGE-powered pulp game) look like now that they are out. I had wanted to back that one when it was a Kickstarter but couldn't justify the expense at that time, unfortunately.

Aside from the AA book for BRP I am also cribbing material from GURPS Cliffhangers which is an excellent resource for any pulp gamer, as well as GURPS Place of Mystery, which I borrowed ideas from for a couple of the scenarios I worked out. Tonight's game, however, will take everyone off to the Solomon Islands in the South Seas.....a rough and tumble locale for pulp 30's gaming if ever there was one!

Anyway, going to be fun....I think, outside of some period campaigns I've run using GURPS and CoC in the past I've never actually run a 30's style hardcore pulp adventure game before, except for a one-shot I did in True20 ages ago, and of course the mid-80's era when I ran a lot of Indiana Jones (the TSR game).

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