Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Penny Arcade Follow Up: The Disemboweling of a Gaming Group for Our Amusement!

Since I posted about this before, it seemed worth a follow-up. You can follow the comic here, but the jist of it (the moral of the story, if you will!) is that gamers have problems with change, and it's not just an "old school vs. new school" deal, its purely a matter of comfort zones and what happens when they get violated. It tops off with the spectre of a looming and vile form from the shadows of gaming's past...the all encompassing antagonistic DM, and points out more or less how, much as we love such a character for the amusing fodder he offers, he is also often the reason people bail out of the hobby in the first place. It's a multiplayer game, and everyone needs to be able to have a good time, basically; it's not one guy spearfishing minnows in a barrel....!

Unrelated note, but as things have settled down, the wife has seen fit to grant me some shore leave and I will resume the Wednesday night 4E game tonight! I am quite excited. She's even letting me loose for saturday night's now venerable Pathfinder campaign, though I may stick to bi-weekly for saturday nights from here on out, giving me some more time with the Baby Dude Marcus, alias Froggie Gremlin (all babies look like froggish gremlins, what can I say) and his lovely mom.

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