Monday, April 27, 2015

Finally saw Man of Steel

I'm trying hard to blame myself, and only myself, for not seeing this movie sooner. The most recent Superman movie was one I actually avoided because I --mistakenly-- placed my trust in the opinions of certain people and reviewers, and trusted that they were representative of honest feelings about whether this was a good movie or not. I was badly mistaken.....

For me at least, this is the best Superman movie yet, and the first to bring me back to the sort of awe I felt when the 1978 Superman came on the scene....but of course with a story, acting and FX that have matured dramatically in the decades between. I'm honestly hopeful for the forthcoming Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice now. If it can be as good or better than this.....? Yeah, I'll be there.

There were a few oddities in this movie (and Superman taking out Zod was not one of them...I was impressed that Snyder's film took Superman into such a one chickened out here for the sake of the Comics Code, if you will). For one, while I was almost gleeful to see him appear in the end in his guise as Clark Kent, Daily Planet reporter.....I was a bit perplexed as to just how old Kal El might manage to keep his identity completely secret....I mean, didn't a fair chunk of the initial fight with the Kryponians pretty much nuke Smalltown? Wouldn't there be lots of secondary evidence that the fight started on his mom's ranch? Probably not, I guess....but still....Lois clearly knew him at the end there, right? It seemed ever so slightly ambiguous to me for some reason.

Now, given that Superman and Wonder Woman are having a relationship in the New 52 universe, I wonder if they'll continue with that reality and continuity warping schism for the next movies....

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