Thursday, April 23, 2015

Dyson's Delves II is the deal of the day at rpgnow

If you've ever trawled google looking for dungeon maps you could retool for your own use at the table, chances are good you've found some especially nice hand-drawn maps that seem to come from one man: Dyson Logos, and his Delves. Rpnow has Dyson's Delves II as a deal of the day today only so go snag it for $4 to see how great his maps are, and also to get a very nice set of useful dungeons; it's got 11 keyed/described dungeons and 21 unkeyed maps, and at $4 fpr 150 pages of very useful content this is a real steal. Especially useful for your sandbox/hexcrawl games when the players wander into terra incognita!

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