Thursday, March 26, 2015

Megatraveller Bundle of Holding

News posts come in threes it the third one of the day is that the Bundle of Holding guys have a Megatraveller bundle, which you can snag for around $16.96 right now as of this post. I grabbed the "Strongest Forces" spot with my contribution just to knock Dyson Logos off the list (bwah hah hah)....(oh gods, my priorities are screwed me, please....!!!!)

Megatraveller was the second edition of the venerable SF RPG, and the first one to really dive heavily into metaplot. It was also the edition I ran throughout much of my college days, and was probably my fourth most played RPG back then (behind AD&D 2nd edition, Cyberpunk 2020 and GURPS). This edition, despite (or because) of its efforts to make a war-torn, fractured Imperium, was far more interesting in many regards than Classic Traveller, and it was very, very popular in my neck of the woods. Although snagging these books in PDF will be at least partially a trip down memory lane for me, the core conceit of Megatraveller really does make for an action packed background setting in the Imperium.

It runs out in 11 days so grab it if yer interested in seeing one of the better iterations of the Traveller megaverse....

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