Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Fantasy Hero Complete is here!

Just had to brag.....it's  meaty looking book, but not too much so (especially for Hero System!) Lot's of good stuff in here. It's still got a bit of the toolkit "build it yourself" feel to it but for fans of Hero that's a good thing, and the presentation as given for fantasy campaigning should make it very easy for new visitors to the Hero System realm to pick up and run with it.

If it grabs me enough, you just may see some Fantasy Hero Complete content posted roundabouts 'dis here blog soon.

Not to gloat or anything....but while I admit I've only actually backed four Kickstarters with cash, three of them have come through so far...and this one is far and away the best investment.*

*The irony that a 75% success rate is something to brag about with Kickstarters is not lost on me.

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