Thursday, March 26, 2015

Eyes of the Stone Thief is in! As well as EGS Science Fiction!

I received my copy of Eyes of the Stone Thief this Thursday, and it looks....meaty. In fact it would be hard to imagine just how meaty merely from staring at the PDF. Now that I have the tome I shall dive in and check it out, but I gotta say, it looks formidable. Almost...daunting. But full of neat ideas, of which the Stone Thief himself is the linchpin. This is a very nice book even if you don't run it straight, though...It looks like one could pilfer it for stats, monsters and scenarios easily. The maps in this book are amazing, by the way. Sort of like DCC maps, but with more color and art skill...3D renderings of explorable dominions within the thievish living dungeon.

I also received my EGS Science Fiction Guide in today. Must start reading it ASAP! I have my second round of Savage Space starting next week for April, and I'm thinking I may dual-stat stuff for EGS. EGS (Entropic Game System) for those of you who don't know is an amazingly cool universal game engine which is inspired by Savage Worlds, but offers a wealth of new concepts and ideas that make it very robust and versatile.

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