Wednesday, March 25, 2015

13th Age: The Eladrin Knight of Thorns

Here's a foe I worked out for a recent 13th Age game that I'd like to get back to soon...

Eladrin Knights of Corrigan, part of the Order of Briar and Thorn (also called the Knights of the Thorn Crown), arrive in Octzel to sew discord and pave the way for the arrival of the Witch Queen. An ancient cult, the eladrin who serve the Unseelie Queen are loyal to a fault, and view the mortals of the prime material realm....including even elves who dwell there instead of the Fey Realm of the inferior beings little better than discardable play toys. 
Eladrin Knight of Thorns
Gracile, inhuman beauty that seems to fade in and out of reality.
7th level archer [humanoid]
Initiative: +12
Mithril Shortsword of Burning Light +12 vs. AC (one nearby enemy) —22 damage
Miss: 8 damage.
R: Elfshot barbed arrows +12 vs. AC (one nearby or far away enemy)—20 damage, and target is hit by secondary attack: +10 vs. MD or target falls unconscious (16+ to end, or end sif target takes 10 damage; if the target fails 4 saves in a row he goes into stasis – see special).
Natural even hit: As a free action, the eladrin can make a second barbed arrows attack against a different enemy with a –2 attack penalty. If it gets another natural even hit, it can make a third (and final) barbed arrows attack against a different enemy with a –4 attack penalty as a free action.
Feystep: If unengaged, when the eladrin attacks and rolls a natural even miss, it can step into a the feywild that turn as a move action. While in the fey realm, it can’t be seen or targeted with attacks, and it reappears anywhere nearby at the start of its next turn.
Parkour Master: A knight of thorns can climb on ceilings and walls as easily as he moves on the ground thanks to his mastery of animating vines and plants.
Invisibility: The knight of thorns can pop free and turn invisible once on Escalation Die 2+ and once again on 5+.
AC          23
PD          21           HP 100

MD        17

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