Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Making of Quagmire!

Morrus at ENworld talks about it, but I thought for those who don't frequent that site too often you'd like a tip on this: Quagmire! The Making of a 1980's D&D Module provides an exhaustive overview of the process of getting a TSR module to print in the early 80's, with lots of interesting examples of the behind-the-scenes work and structure necessary to make it happen in an era when PoD publishing as we have it today was just a fantasy.

Check it out, well worth the read...a good trip into the past for some like myself, and a remembrance on just how tough it was to get a professional game product to print back then (or an eye-opener for younger gamers who have never known anything other than an era of tablets, PDFs and PoD services).

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