Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Dragon and Dungeon electronic issues showing up on dndclassics

Dragon 364 and Dungeon 155 and Dungeon 156 are now available on dndclassics.com, which is a good thing!* It's not the same as seeing brand new issues, but it does mean that WotC is making these issues, most of which were behind the D&D Insider paywall, available for general access. This has naturally sparked hope in people that if copies sell well on the site that it might prompt WotC to make more of them. I certainly hope so...they have the website, why not use it in this manner? Even a modest 32-48 page effort every other month would be better than no new content, right? Sure, the current model Mike Mearls talks about is free articles, but let's face it, we know that whatever we get in the way of free content is going to be a pain to track and wrangle together (until someone somewhere does it online anyway) whereas gathering that content in a magazine format can make it possible for WotC to actually pay for freelance content, and get a regular "official" voice out that isn't just a smattering of monthly articles.

Ah well, I can dream....

The only other downside to these issues being available on dndclassics.com is that a couple of them are actually still free on WotC's website (thanks to this forum thread for the tip). You can find Dragon 364 here and Dungeon 156 here. I believe these were originally the "free sample" issues when the magazine rebooted for 4E. I am impressed at that poster's search-fu on WotC's heavily retooled and archived older site.

Oh and looks like Dungeon 155 is free here, too.

This issue answering the incredibly important question of what happens when you add bugbears to the movie Inception

Even if this does not suggest a test to see if people want to buy Dungeon and Dragon through the website, it would be nice if they plan to release all Dragon and Dungeon back issues there eventually.

ADDENDUM: I suspect there is a problem with releasing issues that are currently part of the D&D Insider subscription, though. We may not see those issues added until D&D Insider evaporates. On the other hand, issues prior to the ones listed above ought to be fair game, right? Not sure about the ones done by Paizo, but the rest of them ought to be available for addition to dndclassics.

*Except for the "these are 4E content issues" part but oh well.

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